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sql string insert at position

Is there any SQL funtion that allows me to insert a string at a specific position within a string?  As in if I have the string "Hello" Can I insert the text "y je"text specifically at position 3 to achieve the result "Hey jello"
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Although STUFF is very useful and well worth reading about, it REPLACES characters instead of just inserting in the desired place.

Here are a couple of ways to do it, CHARINDEX is more flexible here and you can change it as you to insert after whatever character/sequence you want.:

declare @string varchar(200)
set @string = 'hello'

select left(@string,2)+'y je'+ right(@string,3)


select substring(@string,0, len(@string)-charindex( 'e',@string)) + 'y je' + substring(@string, charindex( 'e',@string)+1,len(@string))

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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>it REPLACES characters instead of just inserting in the desired place.<<
Actually that is not true.  It can insert.  You may want to re-read the documentation or see for yourself:
DECLARE @Value varchar(20) = 'Hello'
SELECT STUFF(@Value, 3, 0, 'y je')

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Hey jello
My bad, thanks acperkins
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