Uploaded new SSL cert now CSG won't start

My client's Citrix SSL certificate expired this weekend. I created a new one from StartSSL and I imported it into the Certificate folder successfully but when I went into QuickStart and tried to apply it at the External Access. Citrix went through the wizard but threw an error at the end saying that the certificate had been deleted which it really wasn't. I clicked ok at that prompt and the wizard then disabled external access. Now the Secure gateway service will not start and when I click through the Secure gateway configuration it tells me that it can't find the STA server.

Can anyone help? The particulars of the server are listed below. Thanks!

Windows 2008 R2
Citrix XenApp 6 Fundamentals build: 6.0.36399.0
Secure Gateway 3.2
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blkfootConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The customer has decided to uninstall Citrix and move to MS Remote Desktop Services.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
run secure-gateway diagnostics.
What's the result?
blkfootAuthor Commented:
I'm not able to run the Secure Gateway Diagnostics because the Secure Gateway isn't configured but I can't configure the Secure Gateway because it can't find the STA.
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
your STA runns on the same or different server?
which port you use to contact the STA?
Are the STA-call SSL protected?
blkfootAuthor Commented:
The STA runs on the same server.  I'm not sure how tell which port I use.  The default website is set to 80 and the Citrix site that was created during the install is 8080.  I have tried appending both ports to the FQDN but it still fails.  The Secure Gateway service will not start either i assume because of this.

Sorry, I don't have much of a Citrix background so if there is something I should look at let me know.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
the STA should run within you IIS default webpage.
you can use the IP as URL (or
if you configure the STA within CSG-Config you should see the STA-ID.

if you only change the certificate within CSG - why are the old config are lost?
blkfootAuthor Commented:
I did try and use the IP address and appended the port with it for the URL and it still won't find the STA.  

I cannot find the STA ID because I can't configure CSG.

I don't understand why the old config was lost either other than when I tried to update the cert from the QuickStart interface it wouldn't accept it and then disabled the External Access.

I am ordering a new cert so i am hoping this will solve the problem.

When I look in the logs for the Secure gateway this is what I see:
[Mon Mar 26 15:05:02 2012] Unable to load SSL Certificate for server citrix.erckhotels.com:443 [hint: SSLCertificateHash]
blkfootAuthor Commented:
No solution was found so the customer decided to go a different way.
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