Dell PowerEdge T110 Severe Performance Problems

I have a Microsoft SBS 2008 server that is a Dell PET110.  Server is only about a year old, has 8GB Ram, and is set up to work in a very small office with 10 workstations.  Services on server are basic services, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, etc.  I've worked with Dell and run DSET on the server and they only told me to make change to DNS with command that would change pool size to 1000 to limit the amount of memory and the size of page file.  I've tried that but still having severe performance issues.

The only thing the server does is act as a basic file server with three shared folders.  One of the shared folders is an application called Dentrix.

Application was running fine on our old HP server that was over 6 years old and had only 3GB of memory and Windows 2003 server.

This Dell server has worked great for months...really fast (a lot faster than old HP).  About a month or two ago we started having some performance issues (without any changes).  Now the server seems like it is about to go down it is so slow.  I removed all Anti-Virus programs, all third party back up programs, and still no increase.

Weird things:
Takes almost 30 minutes to reboot now for some reason.
After booting, a window pops up that is titled "Open With" and you have the option to choose from about five programs (notepad, wordpad, paint, adobe, etc.)
I followed Microsoft's instructions a while back on how to move the WSUS location, but that went smoothly (I think).  I did this to save room on the C partition.

Any ideas???  Dell is almost useless in support.
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mjoinerAuthor Commented:
Any ideas?  Dell replaced motherboard, processor, cables, one hard drive, and the RAID controller card.  Still having a few issues.  

Also in the services list there is an entry that is not common to SBS 2008 but may be related to Dentrix software.  Service is SQL Server (VIPER).  Is this service Ok to run along side SQL Server?
I am assuming there is nothing in the system/application logs in event viewer?  When the server is booting and taking a long time, what is on the screen?  What is it trying to open, have you ever gotten it to open whatever it is? is there anything in the startup folder?  Long boots can be DNS related, so double check that is working properly.  Also, in task manager on this server, do you see anything taking up a large amount of resources, such as CPU or memory?
mjoinerAuthor Commented:
There are several events listed in the event viewer.  I don't even know where to start, but most are related to SQL and IIS and Exchange, none of which are used on this server.  I'm going to investigate the event logs a little more.  Long shut downs and boots are probably because of exchange services loading and unloading.  I'm going to try batch file to speed that up.

The biggest thing I'm worried about is that this server is almost unusable it has become so slow.  I'm seeing errors now like EFS UI has stopped working.  Microsoft Management Console has stopped working also popped up.  And everything is sooooo slow to open.

I would like to investigate DNS, but don't even really need DNS service to run as all IP addresses on this small network are static.  NO exchange or anything else going on.  Just a plain file server that doubles as a domain controller.  I know Active Directory can be integrated into DNS so if it is setup that way I will need DNS.  So, I'd like to do whatever to keep DNS as simple as possible.  What should I be looking for?
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I would remove/disable anything you are not using first.  If you aren't using it, there's no point in letting it consume resources.  There are instructions on uninstalling exchange from SBS2008 here:
as an alternative, you should just be able to disable the exchange services to keep them from running (I used to do this with SBS2003 with no problems).  Just note what their settings are before you start disabling, that way if you run into a problem, you can change them back to where they are currently.  Also, have you looked at your windows update history log?  Did you do updates around the time that your problems began?  Did you get a chance to check task manager to see if you notice anything using a large number of resources, such as cpu or memory?

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mjoinerAuthor Commented:
There are five programs that are in startup folder.  I've unchecked all of these in msconfig and the open with error issue left.  So one of them is the culprit.

I went into the RAID manager at boot and found the drives are seemingly stuck in "Rebuilding" and it has been at 9% for a wHILE.  I think something is wrong with the drives and the card still...even though one drive and card and motherboard were replaced.  There is not much data on this server.  And it has been at this point for two days.
Rebuilding will slow it down.  Sounds like Dell needs to make another visit if it's been at this stage for 2 days.  I agree with you that you have some hardware issue going on that needs to be addressed first and eliminated before you can determine if you have any other issues.  Good luck and hopefully Dell can get the RAID issue corrected.
mjoinerAuthor Commented:
The server is still stuck at 9% rebuilding and I'm working with Dell rep finally to figure out what in the world is going on.  Never had this before.  Server is so slow now that it will not even go into ctrl alt delete to log on.  Can't even log in unless its thinking still.
Any luck with your array getting rebuilt?
mjoinerAuthor Commented:
As soon as I replaced all the equipment, primarily the hard drives in the array, and reinstalled OS and backed up data, worked like a charm.  Something with hardware was bad.  I knew it was not a DNS issue that Dell tried to sell me on at first.
Great.  Glad it's resolved.
Mirosla SolarCommented:
zdravim mam dell poweredge t110 a nejde mi obaz viete mi stym niekto poradit dakujem
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