Shift Key dont work

Have an older Compaq nc6120 laptop that we did a clean install of Windows XP Pro.   Got all the drivers, etc updated.   All MS updates ran.....

The 2 shift keys now decided they don't want to work.    I have uninstalled the keyboard and did a restart so system would detect it.   That worked fine.    But they still dont work.   The Caps Lock key does work.

I have also made sure the ribbon to the keyboard was securely in place.    I removed one of the shift keys and put it back in place.....Nothing?    

Any more ideas?     I can't believe it would need a new keyboard when it worked a few days ago prior to the clean install of Windows XP Pro.
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Many times a Microsoft driver will update or overwrite a working system driver. I would reinstall the keyboard hotkey drivers from HP.
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
Geezzz....Looking on HP and did a search for nc6120 keyboard driver and get 500 items.   Tried hotkey keyboard driver and ALOT of those too. and not finding what I think I need.      Can you help me please?
Here is their driver page for your laptop:

The way to get there is to go to and click on "Support & Drivers" to the right of the HP logo on the top left of the site. On the next page select the green box for drivers and software. This next screen will allow you to type in your product name/number. I used "nc6120" and it took me directly to the laptop page after a few seconds, and then I selected WinXP Pro for your operating system.
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bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but I am really "GREEN"      All I see are HP Quick Launch and Synaptics Touchpad Drivers
HP Quick Launch contains keyboard drivers. It enables the "fancy" key functions on your keyboard.
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
Ok, I got that and ran it.     Restarted the laptop and no change.   Both shift keys still don't work.
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
And FYI....I did verify in Device Manager that it went from a MS Driver to the one from HP
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
did you try another keyboard or try this keyboard in another machine? This will isolate the problem
Ok, another way to verify that its really the keyboard and not the application you are in is to see if Sticky keys will enable. In order to activate Sticky Key press a shift key 5-12 times in a row. If this work a window will popup on your screen asking if you would like to enable sticky keys.

If this doesn't work its most likely the keyboard is bad on the laptop. If you cannot try as ve3ofa suggested, you can always plug in an external keyboard from another PC and reboot to see if that works.

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bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
I don't have another laptop that the keyboard will work so I plugged in an external keyboard and the keys all function properly.

And BTW:   Could not get "stickey keys" to work.

I guess it baffles me that they worked fine before the clean install of XP
Its hard telling why this happened, but it definitely looks like the keyboard is bad.
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