problems with a Domain controller in 2003 R2

Hello I have a domain 2003 R2 with two Controllers, the secondary (I think has no roles) tell me:

Can found the name information because:
The main target name is incorrect.
Ask your administrator to check the Domain is correctly configured and is conected.

Sorry my english and translation.

The Main controller is working fine (at least that looks).

What Can I do?

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Venugopal NConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Will get error , when you try to create the object on the DC before it get the updated replication from the Primary DC. Check when the last replication has been done between the server by using the repadmin tool.

repadmin /showrepl PrimaryDC..domain.local

And check the result if replication between your primary and secondary DC are completed without error.If not, force replicate the changes between both the DC.

Refer the link which will give details about the Repadmin command

For force replication refer the below link
StrongBad_RulesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would need to check that a DNS entry exists for the domain.  On the secondary controller open a command prompt and type
You should get a list of IP Addresses for your domain controllers.  If you don't, check that the DNS entry for the secondary server is pointing to the IP address of the Primary domain controller.
mbm2708Connect With a Mentor Commented:

first : as you said they are two domain controllers and  you said the secondary has no role = incorrect because if they are in domain controllers the secondary has a role = active directory at least

if the problem is on the secondary please make sure the master domain are working fine is yes see if the secondary domain has connection and make sure you are select the right domain
try as well logon on local account not a domain account  and ping the master domain and check the master domain if is everything is fine and check the secondary ip configuration as well

another thing is the secondary domain is a child domain or what?

if you can explain or if you can take a screenshoot of you the configuration and the error when you are getting ...

i hope this can help you
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limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
Done and it's ok

Server: servername.domain.local

Name: domain.local

And now?....

hi man

can you take a screenshot and attach here pls the ipconfig and nslookup
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
snapshothere you are...
mbm2708Connect With a Mentor Commented:

try to restart the dns service on the master domain or reboot the master domain and secondary and try again check if you can do anything from another computer joined to the domain
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
I have restarted the system, except the DC2, i have a copy of that machine from January 25, can i use that copy? or Will cause some problem?
you can use the copy and just wait to get the new objects from the AD because i think you change something or put a new user so to replicate you need to wait or you can force it
but man we have to solve it with the machine was with the issue otherwise u ll never know how to fix if it happn again

i have to go now but we can discuss it tomorrow and i am sure we ll solve it
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
Hello everybody,
I asked a Microsoft engineer, and tell me that the problem became when i try to join again the physical server to the domain without change the SID, then the kerberos key has damaged and now the Domain Controller is corrupted, he told me to use the disk with the virtual image and start to rebuild the domain with that copy.

It's not sure to repair the Domain..

Thanks everybody.
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