JS not working -- can't figure it out

I am perplexed.  I have a client with a WordPress site and she edited the page, which has some hard coded HTML in it and she broke a rotating image run by javascript.  

This must be super simple, but i can't figure it out for the life of me.  I restored the page as it was and it still doesn't work.  

The file is where it is supposed to be.  I just don't see what the problem is.

The site is at http://www.bonnietaubdix.com.   the home page has the rotating images using the script...
<script src="http://bonnietaubdix.com/wpsite/wp-content/themes/bonnie/album.js"></script>
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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
I see all pictures missing

images/q1.jpg to images/q9.jpg

so you need to change
var path="images/q"


var path="/wpsite/wp-content/themes/bonnie/images/q";
dougfosterNYCAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that was the issue. It is really odd, since it used to work.
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
I do not know wp well but it looks like someone changed virtual root
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