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I have a PC with a Gig NIC card connected to a gig port of a Cisco 3560. When I hard coded full duplex and speed 1000, the connection went down. When I set it up for Auto, ut came up as 100mbps. I want to get a gig link between the switch port and the PC. But it does not seem to work. Thanks
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I've most often seen this behavior when you have a Category 5 cable somewhere in between the PC and the switch - Gigabit - reliable gigabit - requires Category 5e or 6.
I'd double check that you have a cable that is rated for it and also make sure your NIC isn't hard coded to 10/100 auto.  Perhaps it dropped because of the NIC card.  An easy way to test this is to enable spanning tree to prevent a switch loop and then connect the cable from one switch port into another port on the same switch and it should allow for full duplex 1000 speed. (I think this should work but I don't have a switch on hand to test it with)
Go to properties of the NIC and check if it is set for 1000 Mbps duplex?
If it is set to auto duplex, it should take 1 Gbps speed automatically, but you can try and give it 1000Mbps duplex and check. In any case there won't be Network cable disconnect message on display.
Also, theoretically, you will need a cat 5e or higher version of a cable for 1 Gbps speed. Also I am guessing that you have your pc connected directly to 3560 without any other network connection between them.
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biggynetAuthor Commented:
yes PC directly connected to the switch port.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
... and the cable is category ...????
The category of the cable will be mentioned on the cable. Check to see it. Also, you can force your NIC to take 1000 Mbps duplex connection. Go to Properties of the card and configure it.
There, in advanced tab, you will find option to set Link speed. Just change it and do the same on the switch too.
use cross cable
biggynetAuthor Commented:
cross cable? between the PC and the switch?
when you hardcoded the link and connected the system what was the output of below command

sh ip int brief
You can only use a crossover cable if it's a smart switch.  I have seen two Gig cisco switches only talk at 100.  Turned out to be a config error in one of the switches.  Have you tried to connect a different device to the switch to make sure that it can connect at 1000?  If that works, then try adding your cabling to the equation and see if that works.  If all of that works at 1000, then the problem is your NIC or a setting and not the switch.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
biggynetAuthor Commented:
looking into it. Have to be on site.
How far is the cable run? If it isn't far a cat5e will run gig. Even if the specs don't suggest it. There may be a bad pin in the cable. To run gig over ethernet it requires the use of more pins than to run 100mb. I have seen cases where there was a bad pin that wouldn't let the computer connect at gig but it would at 100mb. Also, best practice is to use auto if you are connecting at gig.
biggynetAuthor Commented:
"best practice is to use auto if you are connecting at gig." I just want to confirm that this is true. I thought that best practice is to hard code the speed. Thx
If you are connecting at a gig then use auto... if you are using a connection with a gig switch to a 100mb devices we have seen issues (sometimes) with using auto. Sometimes it will go to half duplex. When it comes to a full gig connection we have seen way more issue trying to force the connected instead of doing auto.
Try to start with a 1000 Half duplex... try on to verify if it works. Define it manually in both sides (switch and NIC).

If possible, try to put computer VERY CLOSE to switch and use a known working cable.

Later, if you still have problem, change port on switch to a known working at gigabit speed port.

And as final and desperate measure, try to replace OS of computer (use a linux distro in CD/DVD it's easier/quicker way to test it)... maybe your OS isn't understanding something and do not accept to work at Giga speed.

Good luck.
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