How to Protect my dll for debuger or decomplier ?

How to Protect my dll for debuger or decomplier ?

i development by Lazarus pascal

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Have you already heard of "Code Obfuscation"???

When using this technique, reverse engineering will become nearly impossible...
Also have a look at following links concerning Lazarus and Delphi obfuscation...

How prevent (make hard) decompiling application written lazarus ?

CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator
XSoFTzAuthor Commented:
wwhy no software free version for protect dll code ?

CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator  << i can't download  file
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Have also tried downloading, but you're right, it doesn't work!!!!

Contact Technical Support Team and submit your question...
You can also try code obfuscation utitlities ALTDEL 2.21 and/or Polystyle Source Code Formatter And Obfuscator 4.0...
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
>>why no software free version for protect dll code ?
nothing is free, it's a capitalist world !

besides, would you give away your own code/tools for free ?
even if you spent months of work on it ?
Your definitely right, I had it also on the tip of my tongue:

Free software version is not a matter of course like a duck takes to water!!!
XSoFTzAuthor Commented:
i need help ?

why tools for protect dll
You do not necessarily have to use tools.

You can veil your code yourself, but it's much easier using a tool.

CocolCloak is another obfuscator tool for Delphi.

Are you really sure that you need a protection against debugging and decompilation at all??? Have a look at this point of view...
When and how should I obfuscate my Delphi code?

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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
@Thommy >> from your last link
If people want to rework your work, they can, no matter what, obfuscation or not, heck, some coders write almost naturally obfuscated code (having worked with a few)

I think I worked with some of those same few ...

if it's a virus your writing, then why not let other people see the code ?
It it's company code, then why use it outside the company ?
If your selling the code, then why make it more expensive with such a tool ?
>> What is the benefit ? Why waist the time ?
>> If your manager tells you he/she can decompile your code, ask what identifiers you used in your code ... >> a decompiler never succeeds at this
XSoFTzAuthor Commented:
You fight for it. ?????

and thankyou then not found tools for protect...

Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
Are you using a translator tool to translate to English ?
Some word combinations are in the incorrect order
XSoFTzAuthor Commented:

What disagree. ?
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
you don't have to apologize for a crappy translator ...
english is not by default the best language and by far not the most spoken

it is asked on this site to keep it to english, but if you can't explain yourself,
then i would put your question in your own language in a comment if you aren't sure the translator made a good translation
I generally agree in your opinion!!!

But I think nevertheless the asker will persist on his contrary viewpoint...
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
that's probably why the TPersistent class was invented
Have asked myself for years what this class is for???

Thank you Geert, now I know it... :o)))
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
hmmm another funny translation
No war, just a peaceful agreement...
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
i have never been able to decompile my own programs to produce a readable "delphi" source code

i have built some security checks (to work only on 1 machine) into my app and have used some obfuscation on my program, then asked someone to "override" this security
> yes, they used a debugger > which displayed the assembler code

the security did a simple check
> in assembler this was comparing a value to 0 > JNE
he simply inserted a init of the variable before the JNE and that was it
> no requirement of decompiling to override the security check
but ... he knew how the app worked and where to look

there is no way of preventing intrusion like this
XSoFTzAuthor Commented:
then i mean
i know can debug but i need protect or slow debug or any
for protect my dll

but i read post Geert_Gruwez and Thommy

i not answer me about how to post. but Thommy can help me and find web or any to help

i not idea for pay money per month to see u war ok
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
we weren't making a war
we were pointing out there is no use in obfuscation > delphi already does a very good job at this

anyway you are 1 developer against millions of hackers ... so there really isn't a point
besides, the hackers are the ones who came up with the idea of obfuscation so they would be challenged a little more
I suggest splitting points to Geert and me!

As a possible solution I tried to give the asker an understanding of code obfuscation and offered him some tools.

But in the end Geert and me agreed that code obfuscation may be done, but couldn't prevent from hacking the code!

So we both advised against code obfuscation and voted for relying on Delphi itself...
Vee_Mod - I stumbled on this topic because I was interested in what experts might say and what answer they might give.  I do tend to agree with Geert that if your application is worth cracking then it will be cracked. No doubt about it.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:

i'm getting rather suspicious of this asker

i have read this MT4 (there is no link, so i guessed at MetaTrader4)

Then i checked what the requirements for DLL's were.
>> Technically it states you need to write in C or C++

then i started to wonder about your questions:
VPN connection + Code obfuscation + Text exports

>>>> I believe you are trying to write a extension for MetaTrader4 which will give you the users/passwords/activity send to a offsite location

if your intentions are not malicious then you wouldn't need obfuscation !

This is against this site policy
please clarify why you are asking these questions !
XSoFTzAuthor Commented:

VPN it My project on sale

MT4 it My Project on sale

and or  questions

i 'm a development my product

why u claim me ?


How to do that about my case ?

i need exchange knowledge why top member claim me

but i Question but i not know then i know i not Question
a good one  : SecureBlackbox®
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