Backing up Exchange 2007 server with Acronis Backup Server 11


I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine with Exchange 2007.  I installed Acronis Backup Server 11 to make images of this machine.

If I make a full backup of the entire system and the system crashes or the "edb" file becomes corrupt; can I stop the Exchange services and just replace the corrupted "edb" file with the one from the backup?

If not, why not and how should I do it?

Adam DIT Solutions DeveloperAsked:
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FdpxAP-GJLConnect With a Mentor Commented:

So you need to use the VSS option in the job config (don't have a copy open with me, so can't remember where.

Select the Microsoft VSS over the Acronis one, as it seems to work better.

That will give you a working snapshot with the logs as at the time of the snapshot.

It works, I've recovered an exchange server from that.


You have to do a restore from the last backup and you will be able to mount the stores.

Acronis does not back up 'files' it backs up volumes. It also does not talk to exchange.

Therefore if you want to backup the exchange DB you have two choices. Use VSS (volume Shadow Copy) or dismount the store (stop the service works as well)

I just did the Acronis training, and there will be an exchnge agent later this year, which will give you better exchange backup.


We won't be able to because exchange database keeps changing continiously and the logs keeps generating.

Along with the edb file we would also need the transaction logs to recover the corrupted database.

We need to have transaction logs from the time of the backup and till the time of database corruption, then we can still try to recover the database using eseutil tool.

If everything fails, then we would have to restore the database and logs from the last successful backup.


Adam DIT Solutions DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks Gordon.

Therefore if my edb becomes corrupted and I am unable to extract what I need from the transaction logs, I could restore the backed up edb and transaction logs, mount and go?  (Losing anything since the latest backup of course).
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