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SQL export, change and import


I want to export all my tables/tablerows with DATASET-column = 'TST'.
And then IMPORT the tables again (APPEND), with the DATASET-Column set to '123'.

Any ideas .. ?
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1 Solution
insert into yourtable select col1, col2, col3, "123" from yourtable

conceptdataAuthor Commented:
Not update, the 'tst' DATAset rows still needed.
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conceptdataAuthor Commented:
I think the thing i'm looking for is a script the exports .
And then a script that imports.
So if you start with a table dbo.aa with column DataSet you end up with all the records where DataSet originally equals 'TST' containing DataSet equal to '123' ?

For one table, this is:

update dbo.aa
    set DataSet = '123'
    where DataSet = 'TST'

Then you have to repeat this for every table that has a field DataSet in it?

The code might be put into a stored procedure:

create procedure dbo.ChangeDataSet
(  @strTableName  varchar(64)    )
   declare @strCmd varchar(2000)
   set @strCmd = 'update ' + @strTableName + '  '
   set @strCmd = @cmd + '  set DataSet = ''123''    '
   set @strCmd = @cmd + '  where DataSet = ''TST''   '

which gets called for each table like this:

exec dbo.ChangeDataSet(@strTableName)

And the code to get a list of all the tables with a column called DataSet:

declare @taTableList table (TableName varchar(64)
insert into @taTableList
SELECT table_name=sysobjects.name
    FROM sysobjects
    JOIN syscolumns ON sysobjects.id = syscolumns.id
   WHERE sysobjects.xtype='U'
      and syscolumns.name = 'DataSet'

select * from @taTableList

Then you can either use a cursor or a loop to work through @taTableList, getting each table name in turn and running the stored procedure on it.
And now you've said "Not update, the 'tst' DATAset rows still needed."

You could adapt the code above by changing the inside of the procedure :
copy  * into tmp from TableName where DataSet = 'TST'
update tmp set DataSet = '123'
insert into TableName select * from tmp
drop table tmp

but you'll have to be aware of uniqueness constraints and identity fields in the table you're putting the data back into!
If you effectively want to duplicate the rows in your table with the new ones having '123' instead of 'TST' the sql I posted should work

insert into yourtable select col1, col2, col3, "123" from yourtable

Be aware though as DcpKing said about uniqueness.....
conceptdataAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'm looking in your suggested solutions later today :)
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