opening a popup window and animate it

Hi, i want to open a div as a popup window and i want that when i click the click, it should give an animate effect to open, like

it should start from middle and expand to its width, or a slidedown or slideup effect or flip effect.

how this can be achieved, i m scratching my head from last couple of hours could not get it done
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAsked:
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MrunalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, If you not wishing to use UI, then you have to manually manage those all things...

1. On document ready, bind click event to trigger to open popup.
2. From this JavaScript function, do followings:
-> Make that DIV as centered (using CSS)
-> Make it visible.

Here is reference:

Another example:
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
that is good, but what about the animation i asked, how i make it look fancy
You can use show option with different values for jQuery Dialog.

autoOpen: false,
show: 'blind',
hide: 'explode'

Open in new window

Here is reference:
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Good Thanks, But i cannot use UI

just a simpledialog using the javascript or jquery and then animate it
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