Laptop not starting up.

I have a computer that is not doing anything, I recieved it dead in the water, I tried on battery and on 2 different power supplies and neither have done anything. I tried reseating the ram and I tried hooking the hard drive to a different computer to see what it would do, it spin up and appeared to run properly and I tried starting the machine to see if it would do the same thing without the hard drive in place which it did. I also tried reseating the cd drive just for kicks. one weird thing is that the charge light on the device is on white constantly with brief regular flashes of amber and the only way I can get that to stop is to unplug the ac adapter AND remove the batter, either hooked seperately puts this light on. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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rtayIT DirectorCommented:
One weird thing to try is remove the battery and unplug the power adapter.  hold down on the power button for about 1 min.  without letting go.  then put battery back in and plug in the power supply.  This has worked for me multiple times.  At least it will rule out if it the power just needs to be reset.

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remove the battery...plug in the ac adapter and turn it on... can you hear the fan start up...? or anything on display?...does it make any beep sounds...?
Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
It sounds like a motherboard issue - you're unable to POST at all right?  What model is this laptop?  There are reference manuals that go through what keys to hold down to test such problems.
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sammeAuthor Commented:
rtay, interesting trick but it still didn't help.

wshark83 no, nothing comes out of it, all I get is this constantly on light which is on regardless of if I'm pushing the button.
sammeAuthor Commented:
l33tf0b what do you mean POST, not familiar with the term, its and HP Probook 6560b
sammeAuthor Commented:
Never mind, I searched it, Power On Self Test, and no I can't run these because the power does not come on.
Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
Sorry POST is just the basic boot test of trying to get to the BIOS (black screen with text).  If the machine is not responding at all, the culprit is most likely a motherboard issue.  I would check to see if the warranty is good and if they will service / replace it.
One thing you can try is to take the palm of your hand and push down on the keyboard (start on the left and move to the right). Do not push too hard, just enough so that if there are any loose connectors, they would be pushed back in.

Every once in a while we see that on laptops that have been serviced and the tech didnt properly seat all the connectors. I have seen certified Dell techs do this same thing (pushing on the keyboard with their hand). If that doesnt work, then given the number of things you have already tried, I would call support and have them fix it.
by: wshark83Posted on 2012-03-27 at 08:29:14ID: 37772020
remove the battery...plug in the ac adapter and turn it on... can you hear the fan start up...? or anything on display?...does it make any beep sounds...?

What this does is it resets the CMOS battery/jumper which is unlikely to help you as you almost certainly have a problem with your dc power jack.
If the dc power jack has failed or has a bad grounding pin it means the laptop is not getting any power nor is the battery getting charged if you had a second similar laptop you could charge the battery in that and then plug the battery into this machine. It will probably boot up first time  
Dc power jacks can be replaced if you are confident with a soldering iron and have some knowledge of integrated circuits.
However for most PC repair shops it is not worth the labour cost and they will tell you that you need to replace the motherboard.
this is quite a common problem older laptops
sammeAuthor Commented:
I want to thank all you guys for the assistance, I will keep a few of these tricks with me for later use, I contacted HP and it is still under warenty so I am sending it in and they're going to help me with this. I will try to spread the points evenly since you all had good ideas.
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