Flash memory photos protection on PC but able to view on TVs

Hello all,
I have a flash memory contains photos which I present on a LG 60" TV on my showroom.
I have about 10 TVs, and 10 flash memories as well, where employees are able t unplug it from the TV and insert it to a PC and copy those photos.
How can protect the photos from this?
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
In this scenario, the current proposals fall short. The TV is not smart enough to use TrueCrypt or just about any other program, TV's can read AV type files (Avi/mpg/dvx/mp3 etc...) but do not run programs like exe's or other binaries(for good reason).
You could use a few of these: http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Padlock-Secure-Flash-CMFPLA8GB/dp/B003809LBS
They lock when unplugged, and they require a key to be entered before they can be accessed. I do not know if they will work with a TV, but I know they work on linux/mac/windows.
> How can protect the photos from this?
you mean copying? don't hand out the stick, or ensure that this stick is only plugged into systems which cannot copy
simple, isn't it ;-)
Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
U mean a USB flash drive?  You could use truecrypt to encrypt the volume and be prompted with a password in order to access it.

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LOL, starting to copy asks for (truecrypt) credentials, enter them, copying completes ;-)
or did I miss something?
hassanayoub85Author Commented:
But after encrypting it, does it works on TVs?
hassanayoub85, do you mean that your pictures are encrypted?
if so, do you need a password?
hassanayoub85Author Commented:
no sir,
Guys, I have a new USB Flash Memory 4 GB. I formatted it and copy 100 photos to it, then plugged it to the TV and it shows perfectly.
What I want to achieve now is, to protect those photos from being deleted or pirated from my employees, without loosing the ability of showing them on TV.
I don't care of the method to achieve this, however by hardware dongle, software, etc...
Got it now?
hmm, now you're saying "delete" and "modify", for that you need some kind of read-only USB stick (sorry don't have a link to that)

but if you still mean "copying" as in your question, then it leads us back to my comment ID: 37775302
congrats rich, for having a link handy ;-)
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