Best Firewall For My Uses

I am looking for the best/cheapest firewall that will do the following

Create a "service" (i.e. Exchange e-mail uses smtp - tcp/25)

Create rules for packet filtering (i.e. "Exchnage service" to accept/forward anything from "External Ip address" to destination "local address of server"

Create rules for NAT port forwarding (i.e. "Exchange Service" to forward anything from "external IP address" to destination "Public IP address of server"

We were using a Snapgear/Mcaffee 560 - It just died on us and now our exchange email is down. I need a possible temp solution as well as the best fit for what we need.

Any thoughts?
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agonza07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
BTW, make sure to always delete your WAN IP address from the screenshots. You never know who's out there....

Kinda hard without seeing the drop-downs. But for the most part should be something like this:

Add an inbound service.
On the Service drop-down you'll need to select TCP port 25 or SMTP
Action: Allow (or whatever option resembles an allow rule)
Schedule: One that is 24x7
Send to LAN server
Leave the translate to port number unchecked.

for WAN destination IP, try to leave that as "WAN" and select apply for now.

Then do the same as above, but add these ports...
On the service drop-down you'll need to select port TCP 80 or HTTP
On the service drop-down you'll need to select port TCP 443 or HTTPS
On the service drop-down you'll need to select port TCP 4125

try that and see if it works.

Here are two things though that you'll need to check on afterwards.

1) The WAN IP - Not sure how many IPs you have or if the IP you currently have on your netgear is what you had on your old system, so see if you can check out the administration page and verify that. Otherwise, you'll either have to manually change your IP or add additional IPs to your netgear.

2) Allowed hosts to send mail to you, according from your service profile is - So I'm guessing you have a third-party being the only ones sending you mail... just did a reverse and looks like postini... so on the first inbound rule (port 25) make sure to select the WAN users and use the first address as the start and as the finish.
Sonicwall has some good firewalls and the interface is very much like you describe.

I think you can demo their interface here:
As for the quick solution, maybe get a small linksys from a local Bestbuy or OfficeDepot and configure port forwarding to the Exchange server until you have a good firewall in place.
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hdtsAuthor Commented:
just got a net gear. Trying to learn about it now.

Hopefully this will do what I need. Will post an update in a few
hdtsAuthor Commented:
Here are the screenshots between a similar SG setup with arbitrary numbers so you can understand how we set those up.

Then there is shots of the new net gear. Can you guys tell me if this is going to work...seems close to the SG but not quite...can someone point me in the right direction?
Old Unitold unit (replacement)old unit (replacement)New UnitNew UnitNew Unit
hdtsAuthor Commented:
did the inbound rules and still no go

the only thing I didn't put in anywhere was my public IP address (like I did on the old SG).

Any thoughts on that?

I added the postini WAN addresses to the Exchange inbound service (aka smtp). The WAN IP is the same as the old unit.
You'll need to check the administration page or status page to see what IP address you have.

If it is not the same 199.X.X.X address you had before, try putting that in manually under the network config page.
hdtsAuthor Commented:
no the 199 is not the same - neither is the

they are just examples

I have the firewall local and public addresses in and working (server can access the internet)

Where would I put (or make a new inbound service?) the public IP address other than in the initial network page for the WAN static IP address? sorry if I'm slow in getting this
The manual entry of the 199 address should be in the "Network Config" tab. Also, if your server has a new IP address, you need to modify the inbound rules and for "Send to LAN Server" you need to input the new address.

I'm sorry too, but I'm not that familiar with NetGear stuff. You may also want to try to call up the NetGear support line. they should be able to walk you through this stuff if you prefer to be on the phone with someone.
hdtsAuthor Commented:
yeah its in the network config tab.

maybe ill call them tonight. ill report back
Cool. Keep us posted.
I'll help as much as possible, but since I dont have a netgear lying around, I'll just need some screenshots.
hdtsAuthor Commented:
started completely over with IT support for net gear and 2 hours later I am in the exact same spot with the rules you explained and still nothing coming in.

Trying a firmware update now
Did you verify your external IP? What is your new server IP?
hdtsAuthor Commented:

Firmware update solved everything!

Thanks for the info!
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