Setting up a New Rs6000 AIX Server

My company just purchased a new / refurbished Rs6000 P5-9131.  This server runs a custom application and that's it. I work for a small company and have been given the task to setup the new server from scratch with a clean install of AIX 6.1 and move some of the data from the old dying server to the new one.

here are my questions..
1) Nothing is installed on the server. I only have the SMS console. How do I partition the hard drives. Commads, mirror etc...

2) My company used to use tivioli on the old server but they let their support expire and we no longer have access to the software.  The old server was backed up using sysback nightly.

3) How can I move or copy the global pwd policy, local user account and other selec directly between servers??? FTP???? Is so this is yet another things I would need to setup..

Basically I need help from the most basic level all the way up. If I could make this question work 20000 points I would!!!
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What model is your old dying server and what version of AIX is it running?

Without specific details on your needs I am just going to run through a quick outline here.

Keep in mind you have a clean slate here.  Take the opportunity to start out clean without "tracking in a lot of dirt".  Unless the old machine is really that bad you might be able to park it in the corner for historical reference.  

Do you have the installation media for the AIX 6.1?  If so boot the install media and perform the install taking the default settings from the install.  This will set up the mandatory filesystems on the rootvg at default sizes.  You then will need to grow some of the filesystems to your preferences.  Then you will need to decide if you want everything in the rootvg or if you wish to have a separate volume group for your data.  If you want it all in the rootvg you may need to create additional filesystems per your needs and size them accodingly.   Once you have the base rootvg configured close to the way you want it it would be time to consider if you want to mirror the volume group.  Extend the volume group by adding in the hdisk(s) you need to make the mirror copies then perform the mirrorvg.

Since you are a small company I would take this opportunity to configure your users fresh rather than copying.  You can always copy in/restore user's personal data and documents into their home dircectories later.

You could use ftp to copy between servers.  Hopefully you have a tape drive in new server that will read tapes from the old server.  If you lots of directories and files tape might be a better choice.

re-evaluate your password policies.  May be a good time to set up fresh new/better policies, looser or tighter (tighter is always better this day and age).  Especially true if there has been high turnover in the company or the present policy has been in place for a long period of time.

Hit the IBM AIX pages.  From there you should be able to navigate to a wealth of information and there should be an install guide there.

Good Luck!
As per your prior question on this, you need to install AIX on the server to get started. Do you have AIX cd's or dvd's?

You mention you have a sysback tape from the old system, depending upon the new verses old system, you "might" be able to restore this tape. If the new and old are totally different then you don't have much of a chance. If you list the models, configuration, etc of both system I can offer an opinion. Also, you would need a tape drive on the new system that can read the tape from the old. Do you have that?
compdigit44Author Commented:
Thanks for the responces..

1) my old server is running AIX 5.3

2) I was really trying to avoid restoring from tape then doing an upgrade because I wanted to keep the new install as clean as possible.

3) Right now my old server has 12 different mounted directories which need to be setup manually on the new server. If I just install the OS with defaults now can I created then volumes later on... I know stupid question but like I stated I never setup a Rs6000 before

4) The password policy needs to be restore since this was just updated and approved by management
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Yes, you can do a clean install of AIX and then create whatever filesystems are needed after that and copy or restore data. Not sure what you mean by password policy, but if you are referring to size, makeup, expiration etc, that can all be set on the new server after you install AIX.

Do you have AIX 6 cd's or dvd's?
compdigit44Author Commented:
I do the the AIX 6.1 DVD's which I downloaded from the IBM site. Yes, I am referring the the global password policy which states the requirements of users pwds..

1) HOw can users accounts be moved between servers. I have a fair amount of users accounts.

2) WOuld users password be keep during the move...

I will do my best to try and install AIX shortly.. SO stand-by ;-)
Yes, all user info can be moved.

To install from the AIX6 media put the cd or dvd in the drive and reboot the server. It should read from that drive. Be patient, it takes a while before anything appears on the console, but you should see the activity light flashing on the drive.
compdigit44Author Commented:
Ok, When I downloaded the AIX software I download the base AIX 6 which had two DVD's. I used the first DVD to run a default install which just finished and when I reboot I get a login prompt but noticed the head above the login prompt stats AIX 5???  ALso I cannot login, I tried root, guest, blank. What do I do with the second DVD also I downloaded the 6.1 update as well.....

Thanks for all the help. This my be an easy process for you but is so stressful and confusing for myself
The default login for a NEW install is root with no password, just hit a return.

When you did the install did it prompt you or tell you this was a migration install?
It sounds like there was a prior version of AIX on this system.

The only way you could end up with AIX 5 is if you downloaded the wrong version, or the system already had AIX on it.

Reboot again (not using dvd image) and select single user maintenance mode (should be right after it beeps). This should allow you to login without a password and allow you to change it. Assuming you get logged in as root this way use the "passwd" command to change the password, and if that works then reboot again.

You can reboot by typing the command "shutdown -rF" at the AIX prompt.

Please try all this and report back.

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compdigit44Author Commented:
I tried root and enter and it didn't work.. I get get a message about a migration but select option 4 to just reboot. I'm going to try and run the install again
If you run the install again DO NOT do a migration install. Do a fresh install.

You will need to know your boot disk for this, which is probably hdisk0.
compdigit44Author Commented:
Ok I just finished doing a clean install of AIX 6. I haven't done anything with disk 2 or the AIX 6.1 update CD. I am going to open other questions for the following items, configuring disk, enviroment, moving files etc.. This way I can reward more points... So check back.. :-)
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