Sonicwall reset password, keep config?

We have a Sonicwall TZ210 that we don't know the admin password for.  We would like to reset the password but keep the config if possible.

I tried following this guide:

But was never able to import the old config.

Any ideas?
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Sonicwall provides no method (backdoor) to gain access to your sonicwall without the Admin password. Of course, if you have a backup admin account that might allow provide access, this could be an alternate method.

So, you have a backup of the settings currently? If you can't load the backed up settingsconfig through safe mode, then you can always reset to factory defaults. When you load the config, it will keep the default admin password.

Otherwise, all the settings are lost if you don't have a backup or an alternate admin login.
This is a common "feature" on security devices.
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