The definition of base class EventDispatcher was not found. but it's imported, right?

I have code that looks something like this


//Blah blah, some code here

class StyleEventDispatcher extends EventDispatcher
  //etc etc

And I am getting the error: The definition of base class EventDispatcher was not found.

Since the EventDispatcher is supposed to be in, why is it telling me this? This is my first flex project so do I need to do something to tell it where the flash package is? Shouldn't it be there by default?

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Hi I have tried this and it is working fine. I don't know what you have written. If you send me the code then i will check.

      public class Test1 extends EventDispatcher
            public function Test1()
            public function xyz():void
                  this.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent(MouseEvent.CLICK, true));
Make sure you are using ActionScript 3 not 2 in your settings
TommySzalapskiAuthor Commented:
I went through all the settings in Project->Properties and don't see that one.

I went through and added explicit references to everything (i.e. changed EventDispatcher to and it cleared up those errors but I still don't see why it would do that in the first place.
It does other odd things that make me thing some setting is off because it also complains about Date().getTime(). It keeps saying that getTime is an undefined property of Date(). So it's acting like it's using the wrong date class.

The whole code is very large and interconnected so I don't know if I can get an example up. Also even though it's so easy to decompile, they don't want me posting the code. I'll use obfuscation tactics when I get it working to help them with the proprietary nature of their code.
Save your project as FLA for CS4 and attach to here. I think your are using old Flash Player in your settings be sure is 9 or 10

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TommySzalapskiAuthor Commented:
Yes. I had been compiling it in compatibility mode for an older version of Flash since that was what the original was built in. Switching everything to the newest version of Flash seems to have fixed those errors.
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