Load balancing across multiple fiber links Cisco switching

Our company is planning to implement a upgrade that will require load balancing and link aggregation across multiple switches similar to SMLT or distributed multi-link trunking. i realize SMLT is a proprietary protocol but im not sure about DMLT. but what would be its true equivalent for switch configurations i have attached a network   Diagram below of what we are planning.  we will be using 3550 & 6500 series switches
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Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Network ArchitectCommented:
This can be achieved with 2 stacks of Cisco 3750 series switches with each stack having 2 members.

Have read of the Technology here

Given that you don't have 3750s...

They 3550's support several techniques to do link aggregation as outlined here


However the earlier poster is correct in that having the switches "stacked" allows the redundancy your diagram is outlining. Oh and yes the 3550 support stacking.
Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Network ArchitectCommented:
3550's do NOT support ether-channelling across multiple units (aka SMLT by other vendors)

Hence why I proposed 3750's for the access layer

Multi Chassis Ether-Channel (MEC) (similar to SMLT) is supported on 6500's
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No one said they did, what was said is that there are link aggregation techniques that they do support as shown in the link.

The question how to make what switches they do have work, not which ones should I buy.
Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Network ArchitectCommented:
This could be inferred by the comment/post

The requirements detailed in the diagram cannot be met with 3550's because:

They do not support stacking nor do they support MEC or similar technology

You cannot create server port-channels across separate physical switches
mattlastAuthor Commented:
Would there be any configuration that would provide me the same amount of redundancy that we might be looking for like the following have each 3550 ether channel to a single 6500 but still have each server hit both 3550 switchs what would be the down side to this configuration. And what would you say the cost difference is between a 3550 and 3750 thanks for the input and info on ether channeling and lacp
Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Network ArchitectCommented:
The down side of this configuration will be to the server connections con no longer be in a active/active mode they will have to be in active/standby mode

As for price you're best googling this to get a rough idea of cost in your zone
mattlastAuthor Commented:
Guys thanks for all the advise I have talked to management and requested 3750 series instead last question and tried and true documentation at you might know of for stacking switchs
Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Network ArchitectCommented:
Here's are link to the 3750 Configuration Guide

Within it you should find configuration guidelines for all the features supported by the switch

Managing Switch Stacks:


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mattlastAuthor Commented:
You have been a great help
Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Network ArchitectCommented:
happy to help its been a pleasure
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