How do I use javascript arrays?


I have the below javascript set against the div id "homepagecarousel" containing two images on my page...

<script type="text/javascript">
var carouselContent = new Array("<i>Welcome to our new website...</i>", "<i>Hello world...</i>");
      function hasMoved(m) {
        $("#topBannerStatement").html("<p>" + carouselContent[m.current] + "</p>");
        $('#homepagecarousel ul').moodular({ auto: true,callbacks: [hasMoved],api: true, dispTimeout:3000} );
        //Below line removed to allow the home page rotating banner to hold the above carouselContent text, all other pages use the General template
        $("#topBannerStatement").html("<p>" + carouselContent[0] + "</p>");

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The div containing the images looks like...

<div id="homepagecarousel">
                  <li><img src="/media/17458/websites_merge.jpg" width="626px" height="334" /></li>
                  <li><img src="/media/17453/animated_merge.jpg" width="626px" height="334" /></li>

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How can I alter the javascript so I can pin a certain array item to a specific image?

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aspnet-scotlandConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I fixed this by simply adding:

$("#topBannerStatement").html("<p>" + carouselContent[1] + "</p>");

below line 10 of my code.

Thanks anyway.
                       return $('this').html='';

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Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
<<How can I alter the javascript so I can pin a certain array item to a specific image?>>
Didn't get you.

If you want to check which index you are currently on and then apply certain settings accordingly, then override the move method

in the new move method, check for the current index of the item and then apply whatever settings you want to apply

you will have to do this on run time only. Looking at the documentation, i don't think you can specify such things when moodular is initialized
aspnet-scotlandAuthor Commented:
Solved myself
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