What AD-object attribute can I use for names with vowel mutations?

Hi experts.

We would like to use word macros to query the AD and read out some info about the author of that document including his family name. Some of our users have mutated vowels (umlauts) in their family names. As we never put umlauts into any AD attributes before, I wonder if there are known problems to do so (which is what I expect).

For example, I found out that exchange servers don't like the user attribute "displayNamePrintable" to be populated with vowel mutations.

So my goal is: if I want to keep the user name (cname) attribute free of umlauts, what other attribute can be used without running into problems?

AD is on 2008 functional level, by the way.
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Richard has a list that can be used here   http://www.rlmueller.net/CharactersEscaped.htm

So the umlaut can be used for the samaccountname or displayname if you wanted to


McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Hmm, ok, simple thing. Will keep it open for two more days. Thanks!
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