SSRS Report - Multi-Value Parameters - Allow Blank Values Checked

I have a question regarding a SSRS report that uses Multi Value Parameters (@Country, @City) with the “allow blank values” option checked.   Since the report is to show all customers, but not all of the customers will have an “Active” “Preferred” address type, some customers will not have any address information in the report.

When the user checks the parameter that refers to a blank ‘’ value and runs the SSRS report, no data appears.  If the user selects uses the “Select All” option, and everything is selected, only the records with a state appear, not the blank ‘’ state records.   I believe it may have something to do with the function “nl_fn_MultiVal_String” used in the Stored Procedure, but I am not sure.

1)       If it is the function “nl_fn_MultiVal_String”, how can the function be edited/updated to accept and return the blank ‘’ values to the mulit-value parameter string?
2)       If the “IF @TrimSpace = 1 Set @Val = LTRIM(RTRIM(@Val))” is the issue in the function, what problems might it create if it is eliminated?
SSRS Report uses a Stored Procedure,“nl_p_Cust_AddrInfo”.  The Stored Procedure references the below View (“nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo”):
(COALESCE,Address. Type,’’) AS ADDR_TYPE
FROM Customer
    ON Customer.CustID = Address.CustID
    AND Address.Status = ‘Active’

The above view, “nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo” is used in the below Stored Procedure “nl_p_Cust_AddrInfo”:
  @Country  AS varchar(max)
,@City  AS varchar(max)
, nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_CITY
, nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_STATE
, nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_COUNTRY
FROM Customer
LEFT OUTER JOIN  nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo
   ON   Customer.CustID = nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.CustID
   AND Customer.Preferred_Addr = nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_TYPE
WHERE nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_COUNTRY IN (SELECT Val FROM nl_fn_MultiVal_String(@Country,’,’,1))
AND  nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_CITY IN (SELECT Val FROM nl_fn_MultiVal_String(@City,’,’,1))

The Table –Valued Function “nl_fn_MultiVal_String” is used in the above Store Procedure:
   @String VARCHAR(max), /* input string */
   @Delimeter char(1),   /* delimiter */
   @TrimSpace bit )      /* kill whitespace? */
RETURNS @Table TABLE ( [Val] VARCHAR(4000) )
    DECLARE @Val    VARCHAR(4000)
    WHILE LEN(@String) > 0
        SET @Val    = LEFT(@String,
             ISNULL(NULLIF(CHARINDEX(@Delimeter, @String) - 1, -1),
        SET @String = SUBSTRING(@String,
             ISNULL(NULLIF(CHARINDEX(@Delimeter, @String), 0),
             LEN(@String)) + 1, LEN(@String))
  IF @TrimSpace = 1 Set @Val = LTRIM(RTRIM(@Val))
    INSERT INTO @Table ( [Val] )
        VALUES ( @Val )
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nuladAuthor Commented:
Just an update.......

I changed the one line in the Stored Procedure Where clause from a 1 to a 0 so the @TrimSpace would not =1:

AND nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_CITY IN (SELECT Val FROM nl_fn_MultiVal_String(@City,’,’,0))

The report still does not pull the Customers with a blank/empty '' nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_STATE field.
Try changing the where clause of your view as follows:
WHERE nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_COUNTRY IN (case when @Country = '' then (@Country)
      else (SELECT Val FROM nl_fn_MultiVal_String(@Country,’,’,1)) end)
AND  nl_v_ActiveAddrInfo.ADDR_CITY IN (case when @City = '' then (@City) else (SELECT Val FROM nl_fn_MultiVal_String(@City,’,’,1)) end)

nuladAuthor Commented:
rajeevnandanmishra, thank you for your response.  Tried changing the stored procedure to your suggestion.  If the user only selects one of the parameter's options it works fine.  If more than one parameter option is selected (multi-values) it creates an error message "subquery returned more than one value.  This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, <, <=, >, >=, or when the subquery is used as an expression. "

This is being used in the SSRS report with a parameter with the "Allow multiple values" and "Allow blank value("")" checked.
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Ok. Got it. It seems that you are passing the "Blank" and "Non-Blank" values together in the @Country/@City.

How you are passing the parameter value? Can you place an example of data in @Country or @City? I need to see that how the "BLANK" value is passed. Accordingly we can check the Function.
nuladAuthor Commented:
It is actually @State.  See attached file for screen shots.
nuladAuthor Commented:
Attached is the file with the screen shots.
I tried to replicate your situation and found the same result as of you.
Actually, in case of "SELECT ALL", SSRS is not passing a blank and in case of selecting the "Blank", it is just passing the blank ('') that is not used by our procedure.
So we need to make a twist here.
I have mentioned few steps in the attached document. If something is still not working then let us know.


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nuladAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for your help.
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