Mouse moving by itself

Hi guys!  I am an administrator on a network of about 15 computers.  Yesterday, all of them started having the same issue.  the mouse on each one would move by itself and click on random things on the desktop.  I assumed it was a virus so i ran 3 different scans ( Malwarebytes, Symantec Endpoint and Spybot) and found nothng on any computer.  I disconnected the computers from the Internet and network; problem remained.  All computers use Microsoft 1250 wireless mouse, so based on discussions on the site i figured it mightbe the mice.  So I disconnected the wireless mouse on one compouter and hooked up a brand new USB mouse; problem remained. Strange that this is happening on all computers.  The are a mix of XP and Win 7.  Anyone have any idea how to resolve this???
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
The new mouse notwithstanding, my first guess would have been the wireless devices not playing nicely with each other.  I've had that happen before.

Do these machines have desktop-sharing software installed?  VNC or anything like that?
Other than malware or wireless noise, the only reason I can see for this happening is someone hacking and controlling the computer (or using VNC as suggested above).
webaddosolAuthor Commented:
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Have you patched the machines against the recently-disclosed hack?
webaddosolAuthor Commented:
Recently disclosed hack?  Not familiar with that.
Curious as to whether it happens with no mouse connected at all? If it does, then it is most likely an outside source.

Also, just for grins, on a test system, go into control panel>mouse settings and disable "Enhanced Pointer Precision."

reboot and test

Also, are these all laptops? Are the mousepads all disabled?
webaddosolAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  I totally uninstalled pcanywhere from the computer.  No other remote programs on computer.  Mouse is still moving by itself.
If they are laptops, it could be a mousepad issue for sure that was affected by some update.
webaddosolAuthor Commented:
And these are desktops and laptops.  I just tried your suggestion flubbster, and the mouse still moves around even with no mouse connected to the computer???
this has got to be some kind of hack.  but nothing i have as far as scans and antimalware has found anything.
ok... is vpn installed and active? If so, disable it. The next test would be to boot a test system into safe mode. This will limit the drivers, apps and processes that will start up.

Does it happen in safe mode?
To see if it's a hack or not, just disconnect the computer from your net (just unplug the cable or disable the wireless connection). If the mouse keeps moving, I would say that it's a problem with corrupt drivers, possibly caused by some incompatibility with an update and some piece of software you have. A possible solution for this would be to remove the mouse drivers, even generic microsoft ones, and reinstall them.
Maybe an SFC /Scannow would also fix this, but it would take some time.
webaddosolAuthor Commented:
It does happen in safe mode, and still happens when the computer is disconnected from the net and network.  I will try the drivers suggestion and see how that works.
Also, make sure that there is no software developed internally that might be doing this by mistake.
It does sound like a driver, except that XP and Win 7 would be using different drivers.

I would go into msconfig via start>run and disable all start up items. Reboot and test. If it still happens, go back in and enable them again, this time clicking on the services tab, hiding all Microsoft services, and disabling the rest (non-Microsoft services). Reboot and test.
Any chance you can test a simple idea;
power off all but one laptop, load it up, move the mouse around
then power up laptop #2, try the same, move the 2nd mouse at the same time as #1 laptop and mouse#1.

I'd suspect the mice are operating on a similar frequency or channel.

As you go on, boot up laptop #3 and mouse #3 etc etc, then see which laptop and mouse combination is causing the issue, keep going until all the laptops are on and you'll probably find out which one is causing the problem.

General tip for you, wireless mice are nothing but a headache, (wait until the batteries go flat).

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Did you actually read this question and the followups? It does the same with USB mouses and even without a connected mouse. So, it doesn't have anything to do with wireless frequencies.
webaddosolAuthor Commented:
Very strange.  On a test station, I completely uninstalled all drivers for the Microsoft mouse and keyboard.  I then got a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and hooked it up.  I have been watching the computer for over an hour now and it has no issues.  The mouse hasnt moved.
I am about to try it on another one to verify.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
It is odd.  I've seen Microsoft devices interfere with each other, but I've never seen just a driver issue like that.
The point is valid irrespective of channel or not;
try one laptop on (rest powered off) test the mouse and see if it is repeated
then try laptop 2 with mouse 2 - see if moving both mice at the same time repeats the issue.
Also what kind of mouse mat is being used?
Any ideas re table or work top - is it shiny or reflective?
webaddosolAuthor Commented:
That seemed to do the trick.  i uninstalled the drivers from every computer and installed Logitech mice and keyboards.  They are all working fine now.  WEIRD.
As I said, it's possible that some update or other interfered with the drivers. It doesn't even have to be a MS update. It's strange that it affected all the computers, but it's the only reasonable explanation.
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