Dynamics GP not opening Word Templates - Citrix Metaframe

This is an issue I have been trying to solve for a while.

1.  I am using Citrix Metaframe 4.0.1 (old version I know)
2. I am using Microsoft Word 2007 SP2
3. I am using Dynamics GP 2010 R2
4.  This is all running on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2

Here is a rundown:

I have a project to have our users print POs using the Word Templates feature integrated into GP 2010 R2.  I have assigned several Word templates to the POP Blank Form Modified report and begun testing.

When I tell GP to print a PO, by default I am presented with the template option and choose to print to screen.  At this point, it appears to process the template but then Word does not open showing the PO on the screen.

In my temp folder, I see that the Word document has been created and I can then open in manually to see the template.  This is an issue because I don't want our users to have to browse to the temp folder to open their POs.

I have done tons of troubleshooting both by myself and with Microsoft support and I am going to try to include it all here.

1. I have tried using the Citrix Program Neighborhood as well as a direct RDP connection to the server to print the templates and the same issue happens.
2. I can use the GP Template Configuration to modify the templates and Word will open up when I do that.  It will just not open when I go to render the template using a PO.
3. Microsoft sent me a tool called testsaveas.exe that has me enter a docx file into a field and then I click a button to open the file.  The file is supposed to open in Word when I click this button but it does not.  So this seems to eliminate GP as the issue as it is not involved in this test at all.
4.  They instructed me to use the same tool with a PDF or TXT file and the same issue happens.  The files never open up in Acrobat or Notepad.  This seems to eliminate Word as the issue  as well.
5.  At this point Microsoft is suggesting that Citrix is the cause as they have pretty much eliminated any of their software as the cause.  I have googled this issue and have found at least 1 other user that has had this exact problem but there is no solution.  Microsoft even acknowledges that they have had another call with the same issue but the user ended the support before it was resolved.

I will try to provide any other requested information as I really would like to get this resolved.  Thanks for any help you can provide.
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I assume you have tried to give "Everyone" full access on the Temp folder.

I have the following questions:

1- Do you have any pending processes in GP after not getting the file opened? This can be checked in Process Monitor in GP

2- Any hanged process in Windows Task Manager?

3- Do you face this issue when you log in locally to this machine?

4- What's the exact path of the Temp Folder?
hmsmfgtechAuthor Commented:
Although the administrator and all other users I have tried have full access to the temp folder, I still tried to grant Everyone Full Control and I got the same result.  I even granted everyone full control to c:\temp even thought it was not being used.

1. I looked at the Process Monitor after trying to render a template and the only thing I saw was under Queue: Timed, Location: Local

Change User Date after 12:00 am. (1)
Check for Reports To Publish(1)

2. Windows Task Manager doesn't report any hung processes.

3. I have had the issue while logging in through Citrix, RDP and locally (Vsphere console since this is a vm)

4. c:\documents and settings\administrator.hms\local settings\temp
I don't know about testsaveas.exe and its job, but I would like to know the following:

1- Does testsaveas.exe work in your machine (not the server) perfectly?

2- In the server (Citrix), have you tried to open files located in the Desktop?

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hmsmfgtechAuthor Commented:
1. Yes the TestSaveAs.exe works when I use it on a different computer.

2. I have tried to open files in multiple locations including the desktop with the same result.
hmsmfgtechAuthor Commented:
I have found a solution to this issue.

The problem was created by the Citrix Memory Optimization Shell Extension.  Apparently, when opening Word from GP, this extension intercepted the call and prevented it.

I have temporarily disabled the shell extension using the ShellExView Tool from Nirsoft.  Everything worked as it should after this change and there has been no ill effects.

I will of course reply to this thread if I see any ill effects come up.

I am going to reward the points to Abdulmalek since he made an attempt to assist me with this issue.  Thank you!
But I wonder why were you facing the issue when you log in locally !!!
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