Exchannge 5.5 Administrator Mailbox

Hi All,

When I view the Amin mailbox within Exchange is display over 51000 items which I would like to remove, I have opened the mailbox and deleted the items, I have used the clean mailbox feature to delete the items as well however it still displays all the items when I view within "Mailbox Resources" page.

Noyan GonulsenAsked:
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It could be the retention time setting affecting this.  You can change the setting and then during the online maintenance (default is at night) it should purge those messages.

Noyan GonulsenAuthor Commented:
Hi Chakko,

Thanks for replying, my retention period is set for 3 days and it's been showing for longer than that. I have also opened the admin mailbox and purged everything as well as the recover deleted items folder but it still shows up.
How big are those 51000 items.  If you are on exchange 5.5 then I am guessing this is an old install.  Besides email, there are system type of messages which can be reported as items inside the mailbox.  If the total size is small then maybe those items are not email messages?
Noyan GonulsenAuthor Commented:
It's about 30mb, I checked all the folders and there are no items displaying. It has not been like this the whole time, we just noticed it because our database is reaching its maximum. I typically purge the emails out on a monthly basis.
Do you use that mailbox for normal use, could they be other items such as tasks, calendar entries, etc?

A couple of things I can think of are to check if the Do not delete items until a full backup option is set.  It should be near the retention setting.  Are you doing regular backups?

In the application event log see if the online maintenance is purging deleted items.  I don't remember which event ID it is, but at the end of that task will be event 1221 that reports the whitespace.  Look for prior events

Are you at the last service pack for exchange?  Maybe you need to use eseutil to test the database and make sure there are no problems.

Lastly, not a solution, but you could delete the mailbox and make a new one.

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