SBS - Certificate Expiry Warning

I have a SBS 2008 with Exchange 2007 and been I have been getting this error; which I have no idea how to fix.

Can you let me know how I can fix it?

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George ZarifAsked:
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marcustechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have to buy a certificate, you can, for example, get a free one from Startcom.

Otherwise, Godaddy are reasonably priced (if a little bit of a suspect business with a horrifically garish site and marketing).  The full process is step-by-stepped here.

Also check out all of these links (this is quite a common question on EE).

Any more questions just post em back here.  Good Luck.
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
try these commands:

1. to get the thumbprint type: Get-ExchangeCertificate -domain "servername" | fl
2. thumbprint in step 1 enter in step 3.
3. type: Get-ExchangeCertificate -thumbprint "2FB28F5075EFE9B30A8F8458DED0A137629F62D7" | New-ExchangeCertificate
4. you'll confirm "overwrite existing default SMTP certificate, take the new thumbprint and enter in step 5
5. Enable-ExchangeCertificate -thumbprint "FB5AECA6B39816F 02B3245BD1D953934HD8H730F" -services IIS
George ZarifAuthor Commented:
Where do i type these commands?
Do I use the CMD (command prompt)?
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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
exchange Management Shell (powershell)
George ZarifAuthor Commented:
I did that acutaly and I typed:

Get-ExchangeCertificate -domain "MainServer" | fl       <--- there was no return vale

Get-ExchangeCertificate -thumbprint "2FB28F5075EFE9B30A8F8458DED0A137629F62D7" | New-ExchangeCertificate           <--- there was no return vale

Enable-ExchangeCertificate -thumbprint "FB5AECA6B39816F 02B3245BD1D953934HD8H730F"  
<-- when i put this line it askes for service ... I put      IIS   and it is return with an error
It's not necessary or desirable to do this through the exchange shell on SBS2008.  Go to SBS Console > Network > Connectivity  and run the 'Add a Trusted Certificate Wizard'.
George ZarifAuthor Commented:
I believe I have to buy the Certificate!!!
Where can I buy it????

Remember I'm new at this your help is greatly appreciated
George ZarifAuthor Commented:
I will keep you posted as soon as I figure it out lol
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