move paging file

Will moving the paging file from the c drive to the d drive or an external usb drive free up space on the c drive?  If so, how would I go about doing this.  My problem is I am running out of free space on c drive and I cannot run ntbackup and save a system state backup.  
This is for a Windows SBS 2003
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If you right click on My computer and go to properties, On the Advanced Tab, Click "Settings" under the Performance section. Then again on the advanced Tab, Virtual memory will be at the bottom, Click "Change".

From here, you can select the drive letter, and the amount of paging file for each drive. I would recommend keeping the paging file on the C: drive at at least 200 MB.

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I forgot to answer the first part of the question. Yes, it will free up space, but performance will be an issue if the drive you are moving it to is slower, particularly, I would never move it to an external drive.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Yes, it will save space, but...
...are you trying to put your backups on your C: drive?
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mkramer777Author Commented:
All I need to do is run ntbackup and get a current system state.  I am moving to a new server on Friday.  It will not let me do this because of an error.  Not enough disk space.  I am trying to put backups on a network drive or a usb drive.  Neither has worked.  Any guess how much space I will gain if I move the paging to the d drive?  Will it be minimal?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Depends on the size of the paging file.  The system properties [Apothis] alluded to will tell you how much space it's using.  You can also perform a Disk Cleanup (don't compress anything), and generally go around looking for stuff you can get rid of.
If it's not going to be a production server for long, and as long as it has enough RAM that it won't croak without a paging file, you could get rid of it all together, not keeping the 200 MB min i mentioned.
mkramer777Author Commented:
I have about 1.20 gb worth of space on drive c.  Shouldn't this be enough to do a system state backup? Maybe something else is preventing it.
If it's telling you space is the issue, you could uninstall any programs that aren't needed, delete any unneeded profiles from C:\Documents and Settings, delete documents and desktop from the admin account. It really depends on what's all on there. If you can or already have migrated some other data off the server, you can trash it on this one.

If you're trying to use the system state backup to move AD to another box, i wish you the best of luck. In my experience, its far easier to just set everything back up from scratch, or use Acronis to move everything to another box in one fell swoop (saving the backup to an external drive).
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