How do I get a list of MAC address, including ones that do not have IP addresses bound?

Posted on 2012-03-28
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
How do I get a list of MAC address, including ones that do not have IP addresses bound?

ifconfig appears to only return MAC address if they have IP addresses. I need to get all of the MAC addresses, regardless of whether or not are bound.

In Windows, this is easily done with the getmac, but I have not been able to find the UNIX/Linux equivalent.
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ip a

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ip a appears to just return address that have IP addresses, like ifconfig -a. I need to return ethernet addresses that do not have an IP address bound.
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Well, it always showed me all the MAC.

How about this?
ip maddr show
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Which OS are you running?  Both ip a and ifconfig -a show interfaces that do not have an IP assigned on RHEL -- note eth1 in the following example.  Issuing just ifconfig without the -a however will only show interfaces that are up.

[root@phx1mmail1 ~]# ip a
1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 16436 qdisc noqueue 
    link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00
    inet scope host lo
2: eth0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast qlen 1000
    link/ether 1c:c1:de:e5:51:10 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
    inet brd scope global eth0
3: eth1: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop qlen 1000
    link/ether 1c:c1:de:e5:51:12 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

[root@phx1mmail1 ~]# ifconfig -a
eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 1C:C1:DE:E5:51:10  
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
          RX packets:56068823208 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:47944747928 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000 
          RX bytes:21919365848940 (19.9 TiB)  TX bytes:23347617517672 (21.2 TiB)
          Interrupt:130 Memory:f8000000-f8012800 

eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 1C:C1:DE:E5:51:12  
          BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1
          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000 
          RX bytes:0 (0.0 b)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 b)
          Interrupt:138 Memory:f6000000-f6012800 

lo        Link encap:Local Loopback  
          inet addr:  Mask:
          UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:1
          RX packets:3163770555 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:3163770555 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:0 
          RX bytes:355390764000 (330.9 GiB)  TX bytes:355390764000 (330.9 GiB)

[root@phx1mmail1 ~]# 

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Author Closing Comment

ID: 37789449
It looks like you are right, ifconfig -a works. I should not that "ip a" doesn't seem to work on Solaris.

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