create Firebox port scan exception for Spiceworks server

my firebox blocked my spiceworks server's IP because it did a port scan. How can I make an exception, or policy so the firebox won't block the SW host?
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chakkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is spiceworks doing a port scan (lots and lots of ports) or is this the normal inventory type of scan?  I think you should be able to make a rule from IP to IP and ANY port (or the ports required by spiceworks) and that would prevent the unhandled packets feature from blocking.
I think you need to go into the firebox config and disable the blocking.  It should be in the unhandled port section I believe. There should be a checkbox for the automatically block the unhandled port access.  That's what I remember, I don't have access to see the actual setting location.  You can re-enable the feature/setting later.
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SonicVoomAuthor Commented:
I'm familiar with that setting, but I'd like to limit that exception to this one, trusted host. I'll keep looking through policy settings...
SonicVoomConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I whitelisted the IP address.
SonicVoomAuthor Commented:
I did something a little bit different than what you suggested, but that was the same track.
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