Cannot connect FTP to Dreamweaver 4


I am having an issue with not being able to connect to DW4. I think this may be a common issue. I can connect using Cute FTP every time using the same settings. I get a range of cannot connect error message as I try numerous changes to try and login.

Anyone have any ideas? I wonder if there is an inherent problem with this software.

Any help is much appreciated.

using port 21 (same on cuteftp)
tried SFTP and FTP
Tried passive and non passive

I get a list of possible errors from DW4. No one specific error.
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
What does the Dreamweaver FTP log have to say?

There are certain FTP servers that Just. Don't. Work. with Dreamweaver...
I hae seen it with dw too but are you using the same details I think your not
have you put the right path ?

have you got a firewall on and dw confirgured properly for the firewall

if not just use cuteftp after all it is a full ftp application wheras dw is not
gregnvtAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comments

There is no log generated as far as I can see. I did try numerous paths to the ftp account. My CuteFTP has the path as blank but I tried numerous variations of the path.

The firewall on my computer has it open fro DW4.

I could use CuteFTP but we need the functions of DW4 for building pages.
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
The log should be accessible from the Site menu.

Worst case scenario, use DW to build pages and CuteFTP to transfer them.
gregnvtAuthor Commented:
Yes I can see the option for the logs at windows/results/ftp log

There is nothing being generated as it cannot connect at all. Yes it could be done using DW4 making the html and then uploading via CuteFTP. It just seems a bit annoying that DW4 has these issues on a basic function.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Even if it cannot connect at all, there should be some form of failure message being generated.  I wonder if something isn't blocking DW entirely, like anti-virus or anti-malware

DW4 is also about 6 or so years old and FTP server software has moved on the meantime.  Have you tried downloading the free trial for CS 5.5 to see if that works any better?
gregnvtAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the info. We do not run malware on the MAC.

I have tried installing the new version of DW 5.5 with the same results.

Just checking another option and will advise to update.
ftp has moved on too it could be using sftp these days as ftp can be compromised
gregnvtAuthor Commented:
Yes we do use FTPS on Cuteftp and it connects no problem..

Still have the issue. I did try using another WSYGIG program and did have the same issue in not being able to connect. It seems a pureftp program will connect no problem. Also FTP only Cyberduck connects Ok as well. But anything that doubles as an editor and ftp will not connect.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Is the server looking for FTP over SSH (FTPS) or SFTP  (they are slightly different protocols) or will it allow a naked FTP connection?  Dreamweaver can only do a SFTP and not even that in all cases.  

However from your testing it seems to indicate that the server is doing something during the handshake and the newer/better FTP clients support it while the editors don't.

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gregnvtAuthor Commented:
We got the problem fixed. It was a combination of 2 things. 1.The was no way the DW4 was going to talk to the server. As Jason pointed out the software was outdated. We did eventually get the DWCS5.5 working. The software was OK. The server config had to be tweaked as well. There was too many limitations on how a person could ftp to our server. After easing up on the access to port 21 it connected OK. Thank you all for your help.
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