Exchange Certificate Issue (Internal Users)

Hi all,

Bit stuck with this, I have our company wild card cert installed in our new Exchange 2010 server… external users are loving it! But internal users get a certificate error every time they start Outlook. of course it’s going to tell them the name is wrong, because they are using mail server, not to connect.

How do I fix this without getting a new cert? is there some work around?
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darasunilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes .. you have to go for..
liminalAuthor Commented:
Ok clearly I don't know enough about certs.

But If my mail server is called

should not a wildcard cert of


cover it... or not?
are both external and internal domains are same??
liminalAuthor Commented:
Ahh no

External is

internal is

Yeah the error is the name on the security certificate does not match the name of the site.

So only a SAN cert will fix this?
liminalAuthor Commented:
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