moving folder redirection folder from one location to another

I have windows server 2008 folder redirection then I movied my old share C drive location  to new D location and I linked the new share location in GPO and I enabled "" "Move the contents of My Documents to the new location" and under Policy Removal enable "Redirect the folder back to " but my users still has the old location and can't adapt the new share so please help me to sort out this
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Hmm, I handled similar case before and the issue was user didn't logoff and log on back. So in order to isolate your issue, please ensure:

Users must log off and log back on to apply the folder redirection change to their computers. This ensures that all redirected folders are transferred to the Destination Server. Optionally, someone with administrator credentials on the client computers can force a Group Policy update.

To force a Group Policy update on a client computer
1.Log on the client computer as an administrator.

2.Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

3.At the command prompt, type gpupdate /force, and then press ENTER.

4.The process may require you to log off and log on again to finish. Click Yes to confirm.

What's the result?

Thank you!

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fahad44Author Commented:
I unshared he old shared folder so do I need to share when I am applying this new share in the new drive.
fahad44Author Commented:
any expert support on my problem
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To answer your question about the share: if you used a UNC path to file share -- no. If you have mapped drive to a letter, remap to the share.
fahad44Author Commented:
I created new share in Driev D then I applied new GPO to point to the new share then my suers are still using the old share then I unshared the old share then My users are still has the old share.

finally I joined new user to the domain but desktop is okey and syncing but my documents are still has the old location - this problem is the new users problem.

so please may you try to help me by logging my server and I will give the login details becouse I was troubleshooting this problem for 2 days with no progess still. if you are ready this is my email  .

Sorry, that's not the way EE works. We're willing to help, but the content needs to stay in the system for other users and experts.

About your problem: verify that you have the correct UNC path in the GPO, and that the GPO properly scoped for the users in question. You also need to follow withtu's directions on forcing a GPO re-sync, if you haven't already.
fahad44Author Commented:
I really did all these things and I ensured that my users has my gpo config by using Gpupdate /force but it seems that this problem is over my scope of knowladge.
fahad44Author Commented:
any help still I am in stack !!!
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