Merge 2 strings and read variable that is created

Hi - interesting one (and possibly easy to solve)...

I am writing some vba for a custom outlook form - and as part of the validation process the code runs through a number of checks, ticking box's here and there... once it's checked the box's it will create a custom error message advising the user the parts they haven't done correctly.

The (cut-down) code is as follows

Sub ValidateTop_2
	if (_
		 VAL_T_01.value and _
		 VAL_T_02.value and _
		 VAL_T_03.value and _
		 VAL_T_04.value and _
		 VAL_T_05.value and _
		 VAL_T_06.value and _
		 VAL_T_07.value _
		) then
		T_PASS.value = true
		T_PASS.value = false
		for x = 1 to 7
			set valbox = MP.Controls("VAL_T_0" & x)
			valerr = "OOO_T_ValErr" & x
			if valbox.value = false then
				OOO_T_ErrCode = OOO_T_ErrCode & chr(10) & valerr
			end if
	end if
End Sub

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In the 'for loop', this checks to see if the user has passed each step (populated via a previous sub) - if they have T_PASS is ticked.  if they fail, an error message is generated with custom "you haven't completed x" strings (OOO_T_ValErr1, OOO_T_ValErr2 etc)

As it loops through, it sets the VAL_T_01/VAL_T_02 etc variable absolutely fine and reads the relevant field as it needs to.  But I'm trying to get it to loop through the error message variables, but it returns as a new string...

Any ideas how to merge the two and read the specific variable it refers to?
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Hi, I built a sample in Excel, but it worked pretty much identically to what you have...

JofnnAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob - yes, it does pretty much the same thing unfortunately... if it helps, the below declarations/set commands are run:

dim OOO_T_ValErr1
dim OOO_T_ValErr2
dim OOO_T_ValErr3

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OOO_T_ValErr1 = " - Full name of mailbox owner has not been provided"
OOO_T_ValErr2 = " - NT Username of mailbox owner has not been provided"
OOO_T_ValErr3 = " - Requestor's name has not been provided"

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So if it fails at a specific point, the error message that should appear - is the one assigned to the relevant variable... not the variable name!
OK, I think I see what you're doing.  I think what you're looking for is the equivalent of the Eval function in VBScript. but sadly, that doesn't exist on VBA, but you can use a Dictionary object for keys and pairs.  The code below should do what you're after.



Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Set dctErrors = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
    dctErrors.Add "OOO_T_ValErr1", "Full name of mailbox owner has not been provided"
    dctErrors.Add "OOO_T_ValErr2", "NT Username of mailbox owner has not been provided"
    dctErrors.Add "OOO_T_ValErr3", "Requestor's name has not been provided"

    If ( _
         CheckBox1.Value And _
         CheckBox2.Value _
        ) Then
        T_Pass.Value = True
        T_Pass.Value = False
        OOO_T_ErrCode = "TOP SECTION ERRORS"
        For x = 1 To 2
            Set valbox = UserForm1.Controls("CheckBox" & x)
            valerr = "OOO_T_ValErr" & x
            If valbox.Value = False Then
                OOO_T_ErrCode = OOO_T_ErrCode & Chr(10) & dctErrors(valerr)
            End If
    End If
    MsgBox (OOO_T_ErrCode)
End Sub

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JofnnAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob, I'll have a look at this when I get in the office.
JofnnAuthor Commented:
That works perfectly and does exactly as I required!

Thanks Rob!!
No problem. Thanks for the grade.

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