Best pad for office 365

Can anyone with experience of office 365 tell me the best pad to get. I want a pad that lync web conferencing will also work on. thanks.
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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
wow, you are looking for the "Best"!

It is quite hard to say which one is "best" as it really see what is your usage.

windows mobile and ipad is the only 2 currently support web conferencing.

I personally never use them before, but i use windows mobile 7.5 phone (but who will like to use a mango?! unless it is a microsoft fans :P)
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. It seems although ipad might support web conferening, when using the lync 2010 software you can only im and email you cannot web conference. I did get my hands on an app made by Damaka called xavy which does work.  You can also use the other features such as desktop and program sharing. I found the audio and voice out a little and not as good as the native lync as it would be on a laptop but none the less it works.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
ipad and android definitely trying to develop something to close the gap, but it no longer native.
It might require access to CWA or something equivalent to make things going ..

but again, you make the decision :)
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Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Ok so lync conferencing is out the window as far as a tablet is concerned but what is the best tablet to display the other features sharepoint etc, obviously if there is nothing built in or freely downloadable then there is not a whole lot of benefit to using a windows based tablet as oppose to an ipad.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
i have some ipad users to try on sharepoint and etc software.
but again, there is a big gap at this space as microsoft fill in yet.

apple developer has it's own version, android has their own solution as well.. But again, it is up for testing and playing. Some are better than other but again, it is no standard what tool will offer what.
(android has more free version than apple, but apple offers a apple provided office which cost like a bomb)

On end of day, these tab might looks good in consumer, but when you want make note and do presentation, something just missing. You don't need a tab do that because it do not bring extra benefit over.

And, with a pad, seriously, the usage on the pad will be 80% personal and 20% business anyway. trust me, this looks very solid and in fact they want a  business case to get business sponsored pad.

if you want to use the pad like an average computer, wait for windows 8 that is microsoft driven .. which no idea when is it.
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Thanks great insight. I personally feel although the cloud is being heavily backed by these major vendors, no one seems to have a full end to end solution yet which is what is making it tough to transition smaller sites to the cloud.
Just use a Samsung Series 7 Tablet, it has a full installation of Windows 7.  You will never have to worry about your tablet being incompatible with any major applications ever again.  This is coming from a long-time mac enthusiast.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
you find it nice to use?
My problem with that it is very hard to control, like using 2 fingers properly and etc.
Oh well, you probably use it day in and out so you might find a way :)

again, i am putting my bet on windows 8, which suppose to be more tablet friendly.
As I right now I have the windows 8 developer preview installed which is flawless, you couldn't really dream up a better tablet OS. That is the only reason I recommended this tablet, just forgot to mention that.

So if you're not one for tinkering then I guess waiting for the official release of windows 8 would be best.
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
When using Lync on the Samsung tablet, can you use video conferening as on the ipad and android the lync client only gives the option for email and IM
Yes you can, as long as you have a WiFi connection.

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