sbs2008: move Windows Update Respository Data from C: to D: fails saying insufficient space...


on sbs2008 server C: drive partition includes SUSDB.mdf now 8.5GB. I need to move to another partition.

C: drive where susdb.mdf & related reside, current free 18GB approx

D: has 510GB free, other folders eg. exchange mailboxes etc were moved here some months ago.

on running sbs consore wizard, I get error: A drive cannot be found...either there are no NTFS drives available or the available drives do not have enough capacity for the data.

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Ramakrishna PrabhuNetwork EngineerCommented:
Jay_RatansiAuthor Commented:
Problem is indeed about moving the database to D: drive (content was already moved to D)

I'm unable to logon to SQLmanagement studio using windows authentication
Jay_RatansiAuthor Commented:
login problem resolved! due dministrator has allowed login. will proceed with rest
Jay_RatansiAuthor Commented:
Sql detach & re-attach completed. susdb moved to D: drive.

Many Thanks
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