Migrating File Server from 2003 to 2008

I have a Windows 2003 File Server with a handful of shares already established and I want to migrate the files over to a Windows 2008 File Server.  I have both file servers up and running under different names.  Production file server is FS1 and New File Server is FS2.  I have used Fastcopy to sync all files from one server to another and have re-created all the shares exactly as the production server.  Can I just shutdown the production server, rename the new server with the production servers name and change IP to production servers IP to make a smooth transition?  Obviously it would be done off hours with a final sync before the change.  Basically if FS1 had IP of and FS2 (New File Server) had IP of  Can I just shutdown FS1, rename FS2 to FS1 and change Ip to  will my clients who are mapped to FS1 experience any disruption when they come into work the next day and try to access the FS1 server now that it's a new Win 08 server?  Thank you.
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Is the old server running any other applications or services? If you just rename it without dropping it from the domain, the SIDS will not match.

I think the best way, if you original server is not running any other services, drop it from the domain, dont just shut it down, then rename the new server. It should then fix the SIDs accordingly.
What are you using to map the users drives? If it is GP it is very simple to change without renaming.
jxg32Author Commented:
No they are not running any other services.  Only file services.  I have seperate domain controllers, DNS etc...
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jxg32Author Commented:
Mapping the drives unfortunatly is manually.  No GP mapping as of yet.  The file structure is setup that it's hard to map generally.  This is one of the reasons I want to upgrade so I can fix all of that.
Then yes, I would recommend, if you are positive everything is setup correctly with permissions and shares, to drop the old server from the domain, rename the new server and change the IP's and your DNS entries. You should not have any issues that way.

If you do not drop it from the domain and name it the same, AD will get confused on what is what. That is why dropping it from the domain makes the SIDs play nice.

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jxg32Author Commented:
Thank you!
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