IIS Rewrite rules for OWA and one specific url

I added a web application on our 2010 Exchange server that I need to access. Currently, I'm using HTTP Redirect in IIS and it was working great. It is a pretty standard OWA IIS setup.

Require SSL is off, and I redirect all requests to https://webmail.companyserver.com/owa.

But now with this new web app, I need to not redirect requests for one specific URL.

https://webmail.companyserver.com/EIS needs to not redirect

Everything else does.
http & https requests need to redirect to https://webmail.companyserver.com/owa

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Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Please have a look this kb has expln everything how to set the rules and how rewrite .

bendretreadAuthor Commented:
didn't get the response I was hoping for so I researched it myself.
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