Crystal Report not printing


I am trying to help a user who is having a Crystal Report problem.   Every time he tries to print the report, he gets a blank Crystal Report Viewer screen.  When his co-worker prints, his co-worker gets the Crystal Report Viewer screen and then immediately gets a Print screen showing the list of printers to choose from.

At first I thought it was a printer issue or something is incorrect with his workstation, but he can print documents from other applications to that printer, and also, he cannot print the Crystal Report from his co-worker’s workstation.   He is using Crystal Reports XI.  His Crystal account, printer settings, and internet settings are the same as his co-worker.  His Windows is “XP Pro Version 2002 SP3”, and his Internet Explorer is 7.0 just like his co-worker.

I appreciate any help you can give to me.  Thanks.
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Can you ask the coworker who can print  the report to login and  print it from the computer with problems. If there is still a problem it is a machine related issue if there is no problem obviously it will be related to the user credentials.
jrbledsoe001Author Commented:
I have asked the co-worker already.  When the co-worker tried to print the report on the troubled user's workstation, he cannot.  Then, I had asked the troubled user to try to print from the co-worker's station, he cannot.  But the co-worker can print from the co-worker's station.  I had originally thought this was a problem with the troubled user's workstation, but he cannnot print from the co-worker's either.
Verify the problem computer has a default printer defined.

Are they printing the same report using the same report file?

Verify the troubled user has permissions to the printers.

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jrbledsoe001Author Commented:
Yes, the user does have a default printer defined, and both of them are accessing the same Crystal Report.  The troubled user does have permission to the printer, because he can print fromother applications.  This issue is just so weird.
Are they running the actual same report file?  Not say a local copy on each machine?

jrbledsoe001Author Commented:
All users use the same internet address (or link) to go to the server that contains the Crystal Reports.  I had remote into his workstation and saw that he is going to the same area that the other people use.  I will re-confirm to make sure he is not able to print on his co-workers workstation.
jrbledsoe001Author Commented:
I have re-confirmed with the user that he is not able to print from his co-worker's workstation, but his co-worker is able to print the report.
SOunds like his account has some issues with the printer even if it is only from Crystal.

Are the reports run on thick or thin client?

jrbledsoe001Author Commented:
The reports are run on thin client.
jrbledsoe001Author Commented:
Thank you to everyone for helping me.  A co-worker from another team suggested that the "Acrobat Reader printing control" setting needed to be selected.  The user is able to print now.  It is a little odd though, because, there are users who have the "ActiveX printing control" setting selected and they can still print the report.  Anyways, the user is happy.  Thank you to everyone again.

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jrbledsoe001Author Commented:
Because the solution worked, and the user is able to print the report.  But thank you to everyone for helping me.
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