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I have a master / child page.  I have a button on the child page.   onClick, it calls a javascript function within the master page.   Is there a way to tie the button on the child page to a button on the master page, so that when the button on the  child page is clicked, it in turn clicks the button on the master page, which in turn would then call the javascript?

I have over 100 child pages, and I'm trying to avoid adding onClick code for every page, and instead have button on the child page automatically tied to a button on the master page
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Lalit ChandraCommented:
yes you can do it easily with jquery. Add the button on every client page and then add small jquery code to bind the click event authomatically which in turn call the master page button.

Suppose you have button on the each client page like below

<input type="text" id="butClient">Click Me Child</input>

Now on master page  there is a button with the following defination
<input type="text" id="butMaster">Click Me  Master</input>

Now simple add the code on the head section of  your Master page to bind the event and initiate the master's button click

$(function()  {
   $("#butClient").click(function() {

Hope you get the idea of doing that.
HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
I have never used jquery.  Do I have to download a package?  Do most browsers support it?
Lalit ChandraCommented:
yes jquery is now supported by many broser like
IE 6.0+, FF 3.6+, Safari 5.0+, Opera, Chrome

For using jquery you can simple use by pasting the following code to in the head section of  your html.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  How about passing parms on the click?
Lalit ChandraCommented:
please elaborate your needs in a more detail view.
HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
well, what I ultimately want to do is this:  Each child page contains a list of records from a database table.   Each child page is a different table.  I have about 100 child pages, and more to come.   I'm trying to get around adding code behind the buttons on each child page.   I want to pass an integer - primary key - and a string - table name - to Javascript code on the master page.  The  Javascript code uses showModalDialog to open page that allows edit of the database record, using a naming convention that incorporates the table name to generate the URL, and the integer is the record's primary key which is passed as a parm on the URL.

Make sense?
While Jquery is a viable option, Have a look here .. This will give you a better overview of how to find a control in masterpage from the childpage. In your case, find the button control in the masterpage and get the client ID of the button.

then in the child page load, all you have to do is

btnChild.Attributes.Add("onlick", "javascript to imitate the buttonclick from masterpage and you have the ID of the masterpage button");

hope this helps!

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