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Posted on 2012-03-29
Last Modified: 2012-04-02
i'm querying sql based on rowid and have an issue when a field is null.

DateReceived1 = (SQLDR.GetValue(39).ToString()).Trim()  != "" ? Convert.ToDateTime(SQLDR.GetValue(39).ToString().Trim()).ToShortDateString() : "";

DateReceived1 has a datatype of datetime in the sql code and i have it as a string variable and the row i pull back has a null value so my error is:  

String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. at System.DateTimeParse.Parse(String s, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi, DateTimeStyles styles) at System.Convert.ToDateTime(String value)
Question by:fwstealer

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by:Lalit Chandra
ID: 37783793
yes this error tell you that you are attempting to typecast null to the string,so it's  causing an exception.
C # null is different that the sql server null. So, before typecasting it you have to make sure that there is not null value.
For doing that you can write

DateReceived1 = SQLDR.GetValue(39)  == DbNull.Value  ? Convert.ToDateTime(SQLDR.GetValue(39).ToString().Trim()).ToShortDateString() : "";

Hope this will solve your queries.

Author Comment

ID: 37783889
i tried that and still same issue:  mscorlib String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. The value in the row is NULL

Accepted Solution

Lalit Chandra earned 500 total points
ID: 37783916
i think there is some error with the code that i have posted befor try with this

DateReceived1 = SQLDR.GetValue(39)  != DbNull.Value  ? Convert.ToDateTime(SQLDR.GetValue(39).ToString().Trim()).ToShortDateString() : "";

Hope this will solve your issue.
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ID: 37784518
Try Parse Exact feature

string format = "dd/MM/yyyy";  // or MM/dd/yyyy
CultureInfo provider = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture;
DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact(dateString, format, provider);

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by:Vikram Singh Saini
ID: 37785470
Declare nullable type of DateTime as: (read more at Nullable Types)

The code below is suggestive for explanation only.
// Get value of that row somehow
		YourTypeHere? DateReceived1 = SQLDR.GetValue(39);

                // HasValue is of type bool. It is set to true when the variable contains a non-null value.
		if (DateReceived1.HasValue)
			DateReceived1 = (SQLDR.GetValue(39).ToString()).Trim()  != "" ? Convert.ToDateTime(SQLDR.GetValue(39).ToString().Trim()).ToShortDateString() : "";
                        // Do something if not received date from database

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The ability to assign null to value types is particularly useful when dealing with databases. And so the code above would help you to avoid error.
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Expert Comment

by:Vikram Singh Saini
ID: 37785503
There is one more modification you can do in your code to avoid exception. Modify code as:

DateTime dateValue;

DateReceived1 = (Convert.ToString(SQLDR.GetValue(39)).Trim()  != "" ? DateTime.TryParse(Convert.ToString(SQLDR.GetValue(39)).Trim()), out dateValue) : "";

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In the code above we have used Convert.ToString() instead of .ToString() because Convert.ToString() handles null value and returns String.Empty if null value found.

Second DateTime.TryParse(string, out DateTime result) returns datetime if string is not empty and if empty then it returns minvalue. Read more at:

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