Exchange Activesync Not Synching Particular User Calendar

I have many users with Exchange Activesync working perfectly fine and this one user can get his email/contacts/tasks but his calendar does not sync correctly at all.  It seems to sync a few old "ghost" appointments that aren't even on his calendar and a few current ones.
I have tried removing the account, rebooting the phone, adding the account back etc.  I also tried adding this account on my iPhone and the same thing happened. To rule out the iPhone, I setup his account on Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator and the same issue occured.  Leads me to believe it is an Exchange issue but don't know where to look at this point (his mailbox/AD settings seem to be pretty standard)
We are on Exchange 2003 Standard SP2 (latest patches)
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Do the problem calendar appointments appear in OWA and / or Outlook?

It could be mailbox problems, so you could either dismount and repair, defragment and integrity check the store, or you could export the mailbox, delete the mailbox, create a new mailbox and then import the mailbox back in again.
pacman_dAuthor Commented:
Calendar views fine in OWA and Outlook. I have considered that, but the dismount and repair thing is always risky and for one user...
also thought on the export mailbox thing- guess I can export via exmerge and import to a test user first to make sure the corruption isn't duplicated... just trying to avoid downtime for this person since email works...
may have to bite the bullet and call Microsoft but will see if anyone comes up with a way to run diagnostics against this one mailbox (not seeing anything currently in diagnostic logging on the server)
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
You can Export the mailbox from Outlook on his account (exmerge has a 2Gb limit) to a .pst file and then create a new mailbox, then import the exported .PST file and test that account.

You can't run diags against a single mailbox on Exch 2003 Std - if you had Enterprise you could create a new Mailstore and move the mailbox to it.
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pacman_dAuthor Commented:
I feel like there is some issue around deleting a user's mailbox and then recreating it right away... something to do with the recipient update policy or GAL or something like you have to wait a day before re-creating it (under the same user name).  I may have to give this a shot as my boss may not want to cough up the Microsoft bucks for the call.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Have you tried exporting, creating a new Test User account, then importing the exported mail into the Test User account and then testing Activesync to see if blowing away the account would be worthwhile?
pacman_dAuthor Commented:
glad i tried it on a test user.  so exmerged it to a PST (only like 550MB), and then created a new user.  To emulate how I was going to do it live, I deleted this new user's mailbox and created a new one.  Then I imported the PST.  Appointments show in Outlook/OWA but when i set up on a WinMobile6.1 smartphone emulator it gave me the error "activesync encountered an error on the  server" with the support code 0x86000108.  Also on the server I saw (related to this account) event ID 3005 "Unexpected Exhange Mailbox Server Error HTTP status code 409".  Also saw event ID 8217 (Source EXCDO) with the message "processing of the recurring item "subject: appointment subject" failed with the error code 0x80010114. The appointment will not be visible in the web client or other non-mapi client"
I also tried the same account on my iPhone and got the same 3005 event.  Perhaps this one appointment is corrupted.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Please have a read of this previous EE question:

Could be AV interference on the store.  What have you got installed and has it been configured to ignore the Exchange structure?
pacman_dAuthor Commented:
I suspected it was that one calendar item so I looked for all the instances of it on the test mailbox, deleted it and VOILA it synched all the missing items.  It's as if it stops at this one corrupted item and then doesn't synch anything after that.
I am waiting on the actual user to confirm it works for him now since I deleted these appointments on his live mailbox as well...

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pacman_dAuthor Commented:
I posted too soon. So it worked for this user. I'm gonna split the points because your post got me the gumption to actually test the export in a test mailbox. thanks much!
pacman_dAuthor Commented:
found a corrupted item but the other expert's advice was very good as well
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