How do you find ColdFusion $HOME

There is a new patch that has come up from Adobe and I need to apply them. The how to section says to find the HOME directory of coldfusion first. How do I know what the home directory is. I'm using Windows 2008 Server.
Go to {ColdFusion-Home}/lib/updates (for Server Installation) or {ColdFusion-Home}/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib/updates
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Look for your Coldfusion8 folder usually     (drive):\Coldfusion8
legolasthehansyAuthor Commented:
I have something called CFADMIN

but i don't see any folder called updates under it.
You can find the "home" or "root" programatically using:

     <cfdump var="#server.coldfusion.rootdir#">

I think the "updates" folder always exists - but it's possible it's only created the 1st time you actually install an update. But the "/lib" folder will always exist

ie       #server.coldfusion.rootdir#/lib
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Login to /cfide/administrator and click the  (i)  icon in the upper right corner for system information.   Looking at the list, you will see various directory paths that will show the location of your Coldfuion 8 folder...

user directory
Java home
update level
..I think the "updates" folder always exists - but it's possible it's only created the 1st time you actually install an update.

If needed you can always create it manually:

<cfset updateFolder = server.coldfusion.rootdir &"/lib/updates/">
<cfif not DirectoryExists(updateFolder)>
      successfully created <cfoutput>#updateFolder#</cfoutput>
      <cfdirectory action="create" directory="#updateFolder#">
      <cfoutput>#updateFolder#</cfoutput> already exists
legolasthehansyAuthor Commented:
Thanks _agx_. Im not familiar with the language. Where do you put it 'programatically'

Hi gdemaria - Is the Java_home as same as Coldfusion home?
Thanks _agx_. Im not familiar with the language. Where do you put it 'programatically'

Sorry, I thought you were a CF programmer :) You can probably get the same info using gd's suggestion. Edit: In fact, most versions let you install the updates directly from the CF Administrator screen gdemaria mentioned:

       ie "Login to /cfide/administrator and click the  (i)  icon"

You should see an "Update File"/ browse server button.  If you post a link to the update details, one of us could walk you through it.
EDIT: I think we should pursue updating via the CF Admin screen, but just to answer your earlier question ...

Is the Java_home as same as Coldfusion home?

No.  They're different. ColdFusion runs on top of java.  JAVA_HOME is just where your jvm (java virtual machine) lives.  The CF HOME is which is where all the files and libraries used to run the ColdFusion server live.
legolasthehansyAuthor Commented:
Can it be C:\JRUN4\Servers\project\
There are two folders under this (cfusion.ear and SERVER-INF)

I'm assuming there is a standard folder structure for Cold Fusion.
There is, but it varies by installation type. (We don't know which version they're running or which update they're installing.) But it's likely they don't need to mess with folders at all. Recent versions allow you to install updates just by logging into the CF Administrator.  ie http://servername/cfide/administrator/index.cfm
legolasthehansyAuthor Commented:
Yes - But they still need manual intervention (like removing old .jar files etc.. See link).
I was running CF 8.0.1 and trying to install the update following the link,
(scroll to 8.0.1)
I guess this has been customized and is a bit of a mess which would mean I will need to do some homework before applying the patch.
Can it be C:\JRUN4\Servers\project\.

Sorry, with the new snow blinding EE layout I didn't realize the previous comment was yours. If it's a multi server install, then yeah I'd do some research first - because the patch has to be applied on each instance.

Were you able to find out the install type? The "C:\JRUN4" suggests it's multi server.
legolasthehansyAuthor Commented:
It is multi-server.
I need to apply only for an instance as the others are not being used.
Ok, unfortunately I do not use w/multi server. What little I know suggests C:\JRUN4\Servers\yourproject\ should be that instances {ColdFusion-Home}. But that's about it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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