Help manipulating my String

Hello EE,

I have a string like this:


What I need to do is each digit I need to increase by 1

so the string need to be at the end:


another example:

needed result:  "=SUM(B5+D6+H12)"

any idea ? (how to repert the digit then +1 on it etc..)
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:

Module Module1

    Sub Main()
        Dim input As String = "=SUM(B1+C1+D1)"
        Dim result As String = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(input, "\d+", AddressOf ReplacementDelegate)
    End Sub

    Function ReplacementDelegate(ByVal m As System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match) As String
        Dim converted As Integer = Convert.ToInt32(m.Value)

        Return (converted + 1).ToString()
    End Function

End Module

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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
I would handle this by keeping the rows seperate:

int b=5;
int d=6;
int h=11;
String result;

result = print(b,d,h);


result = print(b,d,h);

string print(int b, int d, int h)
  return String.Format("=Sum(B{0}+D{1}+H{2}",b,d,h)
PhilippeRenaudAuthor Commented:
Hey kaufmed, related question :

how could we do both at the same time?  do you think its possible via the same Delegate maybe?
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PhilippeRenaudAuthor Commented:
by the way I clicked the wrong accepted answer. damn Im sorry, how can we fix this?
I went too fast
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
You can click "Request Attention", but I'm not stressed about it. It's up to you  = )
PhilippeRenaudAuthor Commented:
Yea i did it :)
PhilippeRenaudAuthor Commented:
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