Powershell script to import users to Active Directory Server 2008

Anyone have a powershell script that will import users into Active Directory on a 2008 Domain via ,csv file.

I exported these users to a CSV file from another server, So i just need the powershell script to import from the csv file.

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You can use the MS ad cmdlets or Quest free AD cmdelts. Depending on what attributes you what to populate. Here is an example of something you could do

¿Foreach ($User in (import-csv C:\Scripts\QAD_User_Import.csv)){
        $QADUserprops = @{
            FirstName = $User.FirstName
            LastName = $User.LastName
            City = $User.City
            PhoneNumber = $User.PhoneNumber
            StateOrProvince = $User.StateorProvince
            Name = $User.Name
            PostalCode = $User.PostalCode
            UserPrincipalName = $User.UserPrincipalName
            samaccountname = $User.samaccountname
            ParentContainer = "OU=POSH_GROUP,DC=Devlab,DC=Local"
            UserPassword = "PGHPoshPass1"
            DisplayName = $User.Displayname
            Description = $User.Description
            Office = $User.Office
            email = $User.email
    $EmployeeID = $User.EmployeeID

    New-QADUser @QADUserProps -ObjectAttributes @{employeeID=$employeeID}

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You can check the following link to use csvde to import user in AD.

MarkolongAuthor Commented:
The top example is the script assuming im already in the import active directory module?
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the one I posted is using the Quest cmdlets. So you will need to add

add-pssnapin *Quest*

if you want an exmaple using the MS cmdlets I can post
Here is an example using MS cmdlets.

import-module ActiveDirectory
$Pass = ConvertTo-SecureString "PoshPass1" -AsPlainText -Force
Foreach ($User in (import-csv C:\Scripts\MS_User_Import.csv)){
    $Userprops = @{
        GivenName = $User.GivenName
        Surname = $User.SurName
        City = $User.City
        OfficePhone = $User.OfficePhone
        State = $User.State
        Name = $User.Name
        PostalCode = $User.PostalCode
        UserPrincipalName = $User.UserPrincipalName
        samaccountname = $User.Samaccountname
        path = "OU=POSH_GROUP,DC=Devlab,DC=Local"
        AccountPassword = $Pass
        enabled = $TRUE
        country = $User.Country
        DisplayName = $User.DisplayName
        Description = $User.Description
        Office = $User.Office
        email = $User.Email

    $EmployeeID = $User.EMployeeID

    New-ADUser @UserProps -OtherAttributes @{employeeID=$EmployeeID}


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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
I know this is a powershell question, but about about using somthing like csvde -i  
This is free and it is part of windows.
Malli BoppeCommented:
I have used csvde in the past and is really  easy to use.


or you can use Admanager which has 30 day license. can be used to set  password as well. I have use in the past and works really well

MarkolongAuthor Commented:
Does all of these solutions work for importing computers as well and other objects
Are you doing a domain migration?

If you are take a look at ATMT

You can create new computer objects with new-adcomputer or new-qadcomputer

Groups using new-adgroup and new-qadgroup
Malli BoppeCommented:
I don't think so .You need to readd them to domain
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
You can export a template by filtering to a user distinguishedName.  review to the csv file for all your attributes and if you can confirm that they are all available for an import I think you are good then.

 csvde -m -f OUTPUT.CSV  -b USERNAME DOMAINNAME *-s SERVERNAME -d "cn=users,DC=DOMAINNAME,DC=Microsoft,DC=Com" -r "(objectClass=user)"
I have an example of how to do this on the main page of my blog:

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