Freeware Exchange Backup

Does anyone know a free program that will backup exchange edb file to another folder.
Cannot use Windows Server backup as already doing a full backup of the whole server.

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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
You can use Windows Server backup. You just have to use the Command Line tool (Unless you mean you can't do it because the backup is currently *running*).
wbadmin start backup -backuptarget:<drive>: -include:<exchange database folder>
I'm not aware of any free programs, but the built in Windows Server Backup works fairly well.

Why can't you use Windows Server Backup? Just create a second backup job for exchange. Or do you need to run the backups simulationsly ?
smd333Author Commented:
Thanks all

I am not quite sure what is different about my 2008 server, but when I try and run another windows server backup I only get the choice to modify or stop an existing one, not create a second seperate backup.
Can try the cmd line utility later - but was looking for something else I can schedule every night easily and see it from within a GUI as to status etc.
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Another way is to do the following.

Use a bat file or script to do the following.

1. Run commands to dismount the databases.
2. Use windows explorer to copy the edb files to another location.
3. Run commands to mount the database.

To automate use the schedule task available in windows.

Surely you will have some downtime at night.
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Once a CLI backup with WBAdmin finishes, it's available for restore through the GUI and any information about it can be seen there as well.
smd333Author Commented:
OK - one question here, is that using the command line approach, how would I write a batch file to achieve these steps? OR is VB better?

Use a bat file or script to do the following.

1. Run commands to dismount the databases.
2. Use windows explorer to copy the edb files to another location.
3. Run commands to mount the database.

The WBAdmin method does not appear to allow me to just choose a folder (like the one containing the EDB file) but a whole volume?

Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
WBAdmin will allow you to select either a volume or a folder. The syntax page is a little screwy in the way that's presented, but you can do -include:C:\folder and it will only run the backup on that folder (And is still exchange aware if you specify a VSS full backup, so it will clear logs if you include an exchange folder with a Database and another with the logs in it)
smd333Author Commented:
Thanks - trying that but following that premise and putting this in
C:\Users\Administrator>wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:C:\Backups: -include:C
:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\mailbox Da
tabase.edb -vsscopy

I simply get this error.
ERROR - Command syntax incorrect. Error: Files\Microsoft\Exchange. See usage bel

Hope you can assist further. Will check this tomorrow for any further info.

Thanks in advance.
Can you post the content of your script?
Hi smd33,

There are two ways to do it..

1. Create a .net app to use powershell to dismount and mount database. Even copy files.

In case of Exchange 2003 you can use

use "CDOEXM.MailboxStoreDB to do this.

Another way which is possible is

is create three bat files.

1. to use net stop msexchangeis to stop information store.

2. Use robocopy.exe to copy the files and folders.

3. Use net start to start the msexchangeis service.

using three bat files you can schedule the time difference between files.

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