New users not showing up in global address book in SBS 2008

I added a new user to a Small Business server 2008 network and the user wont show up in the global address book. the server is 2 years old and i think this is the first user i added to the network since i setup the server. I tried updating the Offline Address Book. To be honest i am not sure if the global address book and the Offline address book hold the same data.
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how are you adding the user?  By using the SBS Wizard? or manually by Active Directory Users and Compuers?  (Make sure your using the wizard when ever possible with SBS)
It may take up to a day for a new user to show up.  How long has it been since you added the user?
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westwoodITAuthor Commented:
This is an issue that i let linger. my client is asked again for a fix. i created the user over a month ago. i dont remember if i used the wizard. I believe I did but I just created a test user using the wizard and asked the client to check in the morning to see if the testuser appears in the GAL.
westwoodITAuthor Commented:
Update. I looked at the 1st link from awaggoner and following the instructions looked at OWA and all the users are in the GAL. even the TestUser I just created. i am going to delete the OAB on the users desktop and see if i can get it to download. i believe it was failing when i tried it last. Will post results.
Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:
1. Ensure that Exchange 2007 SP3 is installed to resolve this issue.
2. Update GAL using shell:

Update-GlobalAddressList - Identity "address list" -DomainController "domain controller name"

Open in new window

As per my Article: Global Address List (Exchange 2003 + 2007 + 2010) + Outlook 2003-2010 common Issues and Solutions

Hope this helps!!!

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westwoodITAuthor Commented:
i have not got a chance to get over to the site and try to rename and redownload OAB. when i do i and it works I will reward who gave me that solution. thanks
Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:
No problem. :)
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