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Hello experts,
I ahve a company with multi branches and departments, and about 300 users. and the company facing a big problem in internet bandwidth and management. for this I want to develop a proxy where it's main roles are:
1- consume the internet bandwisth of users, so when 1 user do antivirus update, the updates are downloaded to the cache and user, and when other users want to update, the update will be downloaded from the cache if it is the same update, or it will be downloaded from internet and replace the cache file if the online file have more updated version.
2- when users connect to the internet, the proxy check if the company's application installed on there PCs, if so, so it will give them internet connection, if not, so the proxy redirect them to a page to download and install the company's software, and once  it is installed, the connection will be given to them.

Can I develop this in C#? if yes, any tutorials, books, opens ource projects?
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For item 1.  Set up WSUS for Windows updates, and as long as you have Enterprise class AV ( which you should with 300 users) you can set up a redistribution server for AV updates.  Shavlik can also be used to update your third party apps as well as the Windows updates.

Item 2.  What company application are you talking about?  There are many web proxies which will integrate with active directory and you can configure rules based upon AD groups and categories of web sites.
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hassanayoub85Author Commented:
Concerning 1, I dont want to use any 3rd party solution as soon as I can do this myself, as company's policie prohibiting me from doing that. and concenring enterprize licensing, no, each user have it's own copy of original software, company policy too.

Concerning 2, Again, I dont want to use 3rd party solution if i can, and the company's software will be installed on user's PC, no matter what it is, the important is doing what i want above.
Honestly, I believe the reasons for the company policies need to be reviewed.

The policies are creating hardships for the users and decreasing the security and managability of the network and related systems.

Spending the time and effort to develop a custom application does not make sense when there are freely available options out there.

WSUS is free, as well as many web proxies.  Squid is probably the best known open source web proxy, but there are many others available.  The cost of 300 licenses for enterprise AV would be much less than the cost of purchasing individual copies for each user.
hassanayoub85Author Commented:
Already have licenses and all things are purchased, and don't want to go for active directory, our needs are specific
You can still look at Squid as the open source proxy
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