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I have two domains, I am using outlook to connect to the exchange server (2010) in the other domain, can I get outlook to remember the password or will it always prompt?

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Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
Configure it to use windows authentication.
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
It depends on how your Outlook anywhere is configured.
It usually prompts for username/password when using basic authentication.
You'd need to check the settings on your clients to confirm the configuration.
I had did cross-forest email migration from domain contoso.com to fabrikam.com. The issue that we are facing is user who from source domain (contoso.com) will facing authentication issue ( keep prompting username and password) when their mailbox migrated to target domain (fabrikam.com). User will retain their primary smtp address as @contoso.com after migration. To solve this issue we did:

1. Create a CNAME for autodiscover.contoso.com to point to external IP address of CAS server on target domain.
2. Purchase addtional domain names (autodiscover.contoso.com) for exisitng SAN certificate for fabrikam domain

Since then user from source domain will only prompt for credential only 1st time after launching Outlook when they accessing email using Outlook Anywhere.
IntegrityOfficeAuthor Commented:
Hi Suriyaehnop

Did you have to put the password in every morning still or was that once entered always remembered?

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