connecting power supply to motherboard

replaced a bad power supply recently from another pc and power goes on but motherboard is making a loud beeping sound.  The motherboard is an ABIT AWD9D-MAX and noticed when i connected one of the smaller power cables to OTES Fan1 it doesnt make beep but auxiliary fan1 doesnt spin.  I have a feeling i am either missing one connection from power supply to motherboard or one of the connections is plugged into wrong place.  If the motherboard is bad would the fans even go on?  thanks.
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Just to clarify, you took a power supply from another PC and used it to replace your faulty one correct?

That motherboard needs the main 24 pin power connection as well as a separate 8 pin connection for the CPU. The 8 pin connection is located on the very edge of the board next to the RAM slots. Your new power supply needs to have both the 24 pin and 8 pin connectors to supply enough power. If the board was working prior to replacing the power supply then most likely the replacement power supply doesn't have enough power for the computer's needs or something is not hooked up correctly.
The beeps are important... If it's a single long beep that keeps being repeated it typically means your ram isn't seated (see below for more if you want).  I'm guessing the fan doesn't spin up because it doesn't reach that point in the boot cycle to power it on.  Try reseating your RAM first.  Also, if you have some high end video cards make sure your power supply can handle them.

dankyle67Author Commented:
Yes I replace faulty power supply with a working one from another
pc. The pc I put it into was not powering on at all and no lights
would even turn on on the motherboard but once I put I the
good power supply the lights went on and aux fan1 started
spinning but loud beep would sound. Is it possible that not enough
power would cause this beep? As mentioned, when I connected
to otesfan1 connection beep stopped but CPU
doesnt post.
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You said once you connected otesfan1 the beep stopped correct?  So as it stands the fans spin up but nothing beeps or does anything other than that with the new power supply?

If that's the situation then I would try disconnecting everything you can from the power supply except the motherboard and video card (If it needs it) and see if you can at least get the BIOS to come up.

What's the Wattage or Part# of the new and old power supplies?
dankyle67Author Commented:
There is a high end video card on it actually
and has 2 6pin power connections so this could
also be causing problem. I will reseat the ram but
do you know what model power supply I will
need to purchase since most likely the one I am
using will simply not work since it only has 6pin
connector for CPU instead of 8pin as you mentioned.
Make sure you keep that CPU fan connected. If the motherboard doesn't detect it then it won't allow you to post. Go ahead and clear the BIOS using the jumper (or reset button) on the motherboard and then do what atechnicnate has suggested.
I think that may be your problem. This definitley needs the 8 pin connection to function correctly. PC Power and Cooling makes great power supplies for high end power requirements. Check You will just need to make sure that you have the 24 pin and 8 pin power connectors as well as the 2 6 pin connectors for your video card. Aim for around 750 watt power supply.
I agree with Bob, without that conector you're kind of SOL... Here's a nice one but it might be overkill (not sure what model of card etc that you have)

I just did a fast search for a great rated Power supply that was crossfire ready (I assumed you had cross fire cards)

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Here's a handy tool to help you narrow down power supply choices:

You will want to stick with good name brand power supplies with more watts than you actually require, so you give yourself a little wiggle room. Power supplies lose output capacity as they age. PC Power and Cooling, Corsair, Antec and OCZ are all good brands. Just check the reviews on the individual models.
dankyle67Author Commented:
The video card is Nvidia GEforce 8800GTX.  Will check out the links you guys gave.  Thanks
for all the info and help
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