Exchange 2010 - Archiving does not seem to be working

Exchange Enterprise 2010 SP2 + Rollup 1
Set up a second datastore for the archive
Added archiving to test account (administrator)
See the icon change in EMC, mailbox and archive database are listed in user properties
Set up new Retention Policy Tag called "Move to Archive - 6 months" with tag type as "Personal Folder" 180 day age limit and "Move to Archive"
Set up new Retention Policy called "Move 6 months" with the new Tag and applied to test mailbox.

Mail is not being moved to the Online Archive. There are items well over 6 months in there and they are still there. Does this take some time to move or only run at a certain time?

Thanks for any input!
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sivanovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi again :-),

a couple of usefull links as a start:

step by step

and some questions:
- any error messages ?
- did you follow an artickle for SP2 , cause in SP1 some of the things were different

please check this link :

and use the command to get the retention policies applied
mvalpredaAuthor Commented:
Have to see if those work. Will report back.
mvalpredaAuthor Commented:
Needed to kick off the archiving or be patient.
:-) good luck
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