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Posted on 2012-03-30
Last Modified: 2012-04-17
I’ve got a for loop and inside the loop I am looking for a file, there will only ever be one file each day. The problem is my is currently set to true == true. So it keeps looping. Basically how to I set a condition to say loop every 10 minutes and only loop until the file is found. So counter =1.
Question by:aneilg
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Expert Comment

by:Jason Yousef, MS
ID: 37786949
Alright, simple...
Just a script task inside the loop to delay for 10 mins, and change the variable's value to 1 and that would be your condition to stop the loop.

Sleep 600000  'that's 10 mins in miliseconds.

let me know if you need more help...

Author Comment

ID: 37787124

The sleeper works fine thanks.

But I cannot get my loop to stop. I’ve got a variable called file_loaded int32 = 0

My loop editor initexpression = @file_loaded = 0
Evalexpression = @file_loaded >=1

Then in my code I have a if file exisits, if so do my thing then Dts.Variables("File_Loaded").Value = 1

But my foor loop just stays green
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Accepted Solution

Jason Yousef, MS earned 375 total points
ID: 37787225
Add a break point to check for the variable's value changes...
Anyway can you post your VB code? and a screen shot of the loop configuration?

you could use something like that

Imports System.IO.File

Dim Vars As Variables = Nothing  'var dispenser


If File.Exists("c:\myfile.txt") Then
    'MessageBox.Show("File found.")
	Vars("file_loaded").Value = 1
    'MessageBox.Show("not yet")
	Vars("file_loaded").Value = 0
End If

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Author Comment

ID: 37787280
Public Sub Copy_File()

        Dim sDateString As String
        Dim sDate As String
        Dim sPath As String


            strExpression = Dts.Variables("File_Loaded").Value.ToString

            'sPath = strFolder & strPrefix


            If FileOrDirExists(sPath) Then


                getDatFileName = strPrefix & sDate & ".xls"

                FileCopy(FromPath & "\" & getDatFileName, ToPath & "\" & getDatFileName)

                'strExpression = True


                Dts.Variables("File_Loaded").Value = 1


                'MsgBox(sPath & " does not exist.")
                Exit Sub

            End If
        Catch ex As Exception
            Dts.TaskResult = ScriptResults.Failure
        End Try
        Dts.TaskResult = ScriptResults.Success

    End Sub

Author Comment

ID: 37787288
for loop
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Expert Comment

by:Jason Yousef, MS
ID: 37787361
what's Variables("File_Loaded") value? from the variable's window?  set it to 0

just to make sure also in the ELSE add

Dts.Variables("File_Loaded").Value = 0

Author Comment

ID: 37787381
thanks for your help.

the value is set to 0.

the value is coming bak as 0

                Dts.Variables("File_Loaded").Value = 1
                MsgBox("value " & strExpression)
it does not seem to be setting the variable to 1

Author Comment

ID: 37787517
i did not have my variable name spelt correctly.
@[User::File_Loaded] = 0

the problem is now the for loop alwasy stays green
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Expert Comment

by:Jason Yousef, MS
ID: 37787616
Hi configure your loop like the attached
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Expert Comment

by:Jason Yousef, MS
ID: 37787674
I didn't see your sleep in the script
put it after the ELSE


Author Comment

ID: 37787699
cool works up until a point, am i not understanding the for loop.

once the condition hits 1, should the loop not turn green and stop.
LVL 21

Expert Comment

by:Jason Yousef, MS
ID: 37787731
Not until you ask it to do so, but you don't want that..., believe you're moving the file, so it'll keep looking for the file again

in every iteration, we're initializing the variable = 0 again...

you can create another variable int32 @FileFound = 0
then in the EvalExpression use: @[File_Loaded] == @[FileFound]
so now it'll stop..

check these examples to understand it more

Let me know if you need more help

Author Closing Comment

ID: 37855728
perfect thanks.

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